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Originally Posted by peppercorn78 View Post

There was some discussion about this a few pages back, specifically between me and @Watchman1

I think I have learned (being an AE 3E and an Alden E or EE), that the standard Detroit last would not fit me. According to Watchman, Detroit is about 1/4 inch wider than Rain. Since I couldn't get my foot into any Rain last shoe (I mean, the ball of my foot wouldn't even insert), I will more likely need extra room in Detroit.

Having said all this, I've been meaning to start an MTO thread for a wide chukka, either Rain or Detroit, or the EG Shanklin, in order to get one made without incurring expensive MTO fees, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe I'll get it done tonight. Stay tuned.

Originally Posted by Sudonihm View Post

@peppercorn78. Thanks! FWIW, I have the church Ryder Chukkas in the g fit and they work well. Got them form herring on sale. Boots tend to work better for me because they usually allow for a higher instep. Oxfords on the other hand . . .


Carmina last are certainly hard to fit in their standard width if you have a wide foot.

The next Carmina I own will indeed be a wide width special MTO.

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X-post from Enzo Bonafe thread, an update to my chukka dilemma:

Happy to report that after repeated 20 minute wearing a on carpet, my Bonafe chukkas have stretched a tad and mded to my feet well. I'm now quite happy with the fit and convinced not to part with them (would have been such nonsweet sorrow).

The only thing is there is still some space in the instep that doesn't affect comfort but causes some major creasing. I wonder if tongue pads would help this particular issue?

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PSA: I have posted shoes to the classifieds. All of them are EEE width for those interested.

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I wanted to just give a shout out to you and let you know how incredible the Church 173 Last is.


This week I took delivery of a "G" fitting shoe from them and here is the review:




That last is wonderful on my fat feet.  I took a UK 9.5 G.  And the fit is as good or better than anything I have ever tried.



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Just a heads up, I have a beautiful pair of UK6.5EE John Lobbs for sale

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Wondering if anyone would be interested in a Carmina Scotch Grain LWB in Dark Brown, with Dainite Rubber Soles, on the EEE Detroit Last.  So these shoes:




In this color and texture leather:



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Here's a cross-post from a thread I started up in the GMTO specific forum:


Hello Gents,


I thought I would start up a thread for anyone interested (like I am) in pursuing GMTO shoes in extended widths from various makers.


Many European makers like Carmina and EG require all orders in a GMTO to use the same width in order to avoid an MTO surcharge, so I thought this would be a good place to organize things.


Right now, I'm currently interested in a chukka using Carmina's extra wide version of the Detroit last (EEE). I believe they label the stock Detroit as EE, so this would be one step beyond that in width. We can use either Skoaktiebolaget or Gentlemen's Footwear, whichever folks prefer. They're both topnotch retailers with excellent customer service.


I'm thinking about a 3-eyelet chukka in suede, like this model (photo courtesy of Skoaktiebolaget):


But am open to other variations. Either flat or reverse welt is fine. Some kind of rubber sole, like victory or tomir. I'm open on colors as longs it's not light brown / tan or dark burgundy.


Maybe a green like the Loden pictured above, or forest green or olive? Or a dark brown?


Thoughts? Any joiners? Here's the thread URL:





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