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Well, Bridgens didn't work out but I just scored these - same last in a G width - with the refund:


My first pair of Chelseas, but I'm surprised at how much I like them. Went with my regular size and the fit is terrific. Got them in suede, so I can't comment on the leather quality of the calf versions. I think they will be deep in the regular rotation once the fall rolls around

As noted in other threads, Herring's service was impressive - I had them on the US west coast in just over a week from ordering.
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Subscribed - I might be interested in doing some trades here: to cut a long story short, I lost a lot of weight and with it at least half a shoe size.  The upshot of which is that I'm looking to get some new shoes in a US 10E /UK 9F-G/ Euro 43-43 wide.  


We've all ordered shoes that turned out to be a little small, so if that's happened to any of you gents, then I have about ten pairs of shoes in UK 9.5G and thereabouts, from Cheaney, Loake, Grenson, Church's and C&J - shout if you'd like pics.

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I custom ordered some Rancourt Ranger Mocs about 2 months ago. Katie at Rancourt told me their lasts now only go to EE width (I owned a EEE pair a couple of years ago that ended up going to a friend in a trade, but they don't do EEE any more). I hoped the chromexcel would give the EE enough stretch to be wide enough for me. The shoes are gorgeous, but unfortunately too tight across the forefoot. So, they're up for sale. See my signature if you're interested.

Looking for a replacement for this shoe, I decided to go with an Oak Street trail oxford in natural cxl, in EEE. I talked to Tony at Oak Street about their upcoming bluchers, but he thought those would initially only be available in D width, like the trench boots. I told him folks on this thread would appreciate them offering some wide widths. :-)
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Just put these up in B&S.



Chestnut C&J Connaught (for Shipton and Heneage) in UK7.5F, which is their wide fitting.



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FYI, I just put up 3 EEE-width Alden shoes for sale in the classifieds.

On another wide-footed note, I've been really enjoying my Oak Street trail oxfords (EEE width). The natty cxl is breaking in nicely, and the crepe sole is quite comfortable.

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Greetings all, I've just cleaned up a pair of wide G&Gs.  


Let me know if you have any questions about G&G wide fittings! 






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