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I have the following shoes that I might want to trade to get something new:


Allen Edmonds Dalton (seconds, can't really tell what's wrong with them), Walnut,11,5 3E

Alden Kudu/Chamois blucher on crepe sole, Barrie, 10,5 EEE

Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Longwing Blucher, Barrie, 11E

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These are up for sale. They fit nice and wide. I'm looking to pare down my shoe collection.

Paid about $550 for them new in store. Great condition Would like to get $199 shipped. (These ones went for $349 on eBay)

Crockett and Jones for Brooks Brothers Peal. "Algonquin" model split toe. Brown pebble calf with dainite soles. Shoe trees NOT included. (Those are worth about $100 on their own and I will be keeping them)

Size 10.5 D US

Outsole Length: 12.35
Outsole Width at Widest Point: 4.5
Insole length: 11.75

Link to shoe on BB site: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Peal-Co.%C2%AE-Algonquin-Pebble-Grain-Rubber-Soles/465H________BRWN_09H__D___,default,pd.html?cmp=bac_google_display_P_P_M_Mens_PLA&gclid=CKKW8sWiprwCFW3NOgodaDgAQw

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please stop posting D width shoes in here. You may think that these are wide but they are nowhere close to EEE or UK G/H width
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Originally Posted by rc121 View Post

please stop posting D width shoes in here. You may think that these are wide but they are nowhere close to EEE or UK G/H width

I created the thread, I will post shoes here if I think they fit the criteria. biggrin.gif

They are actually quite wide in the toebox.
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it would appear that the thread is for EEE/G width shoes, and these are D width.

and as an fyi, I'm an 8EEE and tried on this exact pair at BB in a size 9 and they still weren't wide enough.

But I guess you created the thread so you can post whatever you want.
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I am a 10.5 EE/EEE as well and have a couple pair of chukkas on the Loake 026 in a G fitting - they are the Kemptons..one in brown suede the other in navy suede. You should go with a 9.5/G.

The 026 is a bit odd in the way it is sized between the F and G fits. If it was an F, you'd take a 10 but the G fitting has a lot more volume and the 9.5 works perfectly.
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If anyone with wide feet is looking for rare Alden shell, I've just the thing.


It's not often that one comes across whiskey in EE much less #4

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So I know this is a long shot since I can't seem to find anything new, but I am in the market for shoes in Size 15 3E and at that size I cant afford to be picky. I am new to this forum, and haven't quite got into the habit of checking back consistently but I will try.


I am unsure of forum rules, but you can also e-mail me at my e-mail --- 00camaro16@att.net


Thank you,


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Hi, I have a pair of 10.5EE Alden plain toe bluchers in chamois with crepe sole (Barrie last) for sale:


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I recently bought a pair of Alfred Sargent Dalham shoes from Shoe Healer. These are on the 7WK last. Even though they're a 5 fitting, they're fairly wide (my EE+ feet are doing pretty well in them after a few days of wear), although I might have gone 1/2 size up. That is, Richard suggested dropping 1/2 a size to accommodate the "generous" last, but I stuck with my regular UK size. Anyone else have experience with this last, or going up to a 6 fitting in AS?
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I have a pair of like new 11 EEE Alden shell #8 plain toe bluchers with commando soles for sale.
PTB with Commando
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I have three pairs of extra wide shoes that I'd like to sell. All three are in excellent condition.

1)TRICKERS "Kendal", Chocolate Brown Suede, UK size 9.5, 6 fitting, NEW dainite sole; $275.00 & shipping; CONUS

photo2.JPG 30k .JPG file photo3.JPG 30k .JPG file photo4.JPG 35k .JPG file photo5.JPG 30k .JPG file photo.JPG 29k .JPG file

2)ALDEN #5912, Black Suede blucher, Modified Last, US size 9.5 EEE (3E), rubber sole; $175.00 & shipping; CONUS

photo2.JPG 35k .JPG file photo3.JPG 25k .JPG file photo4.JPG 24k .JPG file photo.JPG 28k .JPG file

3)ALDEN #539, Black Leather blucher, Modified Last, US Size 9 EEEEEE (6E), leather sole; $125.00 & shipping; CONUS

photo2.JPG 34k .JPG file photo3.JPG 30k .JPG file photo.JPG 23k .JPG file
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So glad to see this thread

For nearly my entire adult life (I'm 40) I have been going to shoe stores, getting my feet measured, and being told that my feet are size 9 E. So that is what they've always sold me.

A couple of years ago I read an article about Allen Edmonds, one of the last shoe companies that still makes shoes in the USA. I thought that is a good thing, so I went to their store on Madison Ave. The salesman measured my feet. He tells me to my shock that I am a size 7 1/2 EEE! He explains to me that most shoe stores don't stock EEE shoes so the salesman have just been putting me in size 9's because that's what they have plenty off and they can make a quick sale and not have to order extra wide shoes for me.

No wonder I have been tripping over my feet my whole life: I was wearing shoes that were way too long for me!

So now I get all my shoes from Allen Edmonds. Good quality shoes, lots of styles, a decent price, and honest salesman!! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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RE: the Brooks Algonquins above. These babies ARE wide. I have the same pair in a 10.5 E with the double leather sole and they are insanely comfortable for someone with EE/EEE hoofs. While I can't say what the delta is between a D and an E here, the 325 is a great last for guys like us. Size wise I take a UK 10 and I am on the big side of a 10.5.
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Anybody here have experience with the Vass U last? I'm aware that it's a narrow fitting last, but Vass does make G-width sizes, so there is some hope.

My specs:
US 9EEE Allen Edmonds 108 last
UK 9 Alfred Sargent 109 last

I'm thinking size 43G for the U last. Sound about right?
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