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Small Sized Clothing

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Where do you guys who are of a small stature shop? I'm about 5'1, and not anymore than 110 lbs. Most of the time I'm forced into shopping in the kids section and usually buying stuff from Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, and sometimes Urban Outfitters for their XS clothing. Just wondering how others in my same predicament deal with the issue.
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I find that Patrik Ervell's sizing fits me very well. As well as Japanese garments in general.

But other than that, Usually I'd just buy a smaller size and get it tailored a bit.
If you haven't yet, I definitely recommend looking into tailors. (Although they can only do so much, so still make sure the item fits you best as possible)

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one thing in buying kids clothing are that the prices much cheaper
finding a proxy to asian uniqlo is also a good option
but yea, a tailor is ur best bet, as long as the clothes fit well width wise, fixing the length is not a problem
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Do you find the kids clothes look just like adults clothes? I bet they won't look very cool at least. Just buy in a size xs and use tailor if needed.

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