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Happy birthday

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To the Old Guy. May you have many more.
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Also to Ay... Don't do anything I wouldn't do....
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And to the illustrious Mr. Logan Flatt.... May you have many happy and healthy more...
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Thank you Mr. B. Worked hard all day, but had a nice al fresco dinner late into the night... I'm enjoying your book, although I must take issue with your paragraph about being judged by employers for the quality of your watch -- I nearly did a spit take when I read that. I interview people for jobs all the time, and on the contrary, if I noticed them wearing a fancy-schmancy watch during an interview (I rarely notice anyway), I'd be concerned that they might spend the shareholders' money just as frivolously. If anything, it would be a moderate strike against them in my book. My 13-year-old Swiss Army watch with replacement mechanism from China has never cost me a job or a consulting gig... :-)
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Logan: Au contaire, quoting from p. 33- "Your choice in a watch says a lot about you and whether or not you're serious about your career. As with monograms, less is more. Select a thin watch, preferably with a metal band. If you wear a large, ostentatious watch, your interviewer may think you don't need the job."
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And a happy day to Valmont as well. Maybe that's why the Forum is so balanced- lots of Libras.
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Hmmm. I'll have to take a look again and see what paragraph it was that made me spit coffee all over my pants. ;-) Stay tuned...
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Thanks Steve, it was acutally one of the better b-days in a long time. Just wish I could have stayed at 22 a bit longer, it gets kind of scary each year from now on as the big 30 is getting closer...
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Michael: Happy 21st...BIG birthday. May you find the direction you seek, and fulfill all your dreams. Steve
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Thanks Steve. I'll update y'all tomorrow, for anyone interested. Should be interesting.
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And a Happy Birthday to Mr. Kaplowitz, too.
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Happy birthday Navy Styles. I'm sure the Quarter will treat you well tonight (do a body shot at the Dungeon for me.)
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Happy Birthday as well, Mr. Styles...
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Thanks fellas. So far the day has been alright. I went out to lunch with a faculty member (it just so happened to fall on my birthday). So that was nice to be treated. If only I didn't have classes to get in the way -- especially physics... the prof sure knows how to mess up a perfectly good day. Thanks again for the kind words, guys.
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Happy Birthday, Jeremy. And a belated one as well to High Roller.
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