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Wedding Suit (My wedding) + Groomsmen Ideas - Help/Advice Wanted

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My wedding will be taking place next year, and while I have a general idea of what I would like myself and my groomsmen to look like, I wanted to get some advice and input from the SF community to guide my decisions.

Pertinent info regarding the wedding:

- Mid September
- Semi-formal
- Bridal party will be dressed in either cream/off white or blush tones (non-uniform)
- I will have 6 groomsmen uhoh.gif

My initial thoughts are to wear a SB solid navy suit, white semi-spread collar shirt, black cap-toe bals. I'd love suggestions on a tie (probably to pair with a white linen PS). I've heard the term "wedding tie" but am not sure what this constitutes (some kind of glen check?).

My main conundrum is dressing my groomsmen. My initial thoughts are to have them all dress in navy suits as well, but provide them with individually different ties (to avoid a cookiecutter/uniform appearance. Also, while I will certainly splurge a little on my suit - I know that most of my groomsmen either a) will not have a navy suit already, and b) are not in a position to spurge on anything pricy. Having said this, how should I go about arranging their attire? Or any other suggestions on their attire? Should I just tell them to show up in a navy suit and hope for the best? shog[1].gif

Any and all thoughtful advice is welcomed. I'm sure I have left out details that may be important, so feel free to ask any questions as well. Thanks all!
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I think you should ask them to show up with their best suits, doesn't need to be all navy.
It doesn't really matter when your groomsmen doesn't know how to dress.
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There is no reason whatever why they should wear the same colour suits. However if you demand that they do, then you should pay for them. Whilst here there may be a liking for navy/midnight blue suits, not everyone likes them, need one or indeed has one. It is perfectly possibly to have a good wardrobe without.
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- Read SF101 on weddings

- just to clarify, technically "semi-formal" means a tux for an evening wedding - but sounds like you're not doing that.

- for the groomsmen, personally i'd probably just say, "wear a nice navy suit with a white shirt and black shoes" and if they ask what that's supposed to mean or where they can get one, then give some advice. otherwise assume they'll work it out.
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To echo what others have said- don't make them match, unless you are buying the suits for them. I told mine to just wear their best suit and spend the money they otherwise would on a tux renatal or something and get it tailored. While I didn't plan on having them match in any way, the wife insisted on matching ties for the groomsmen, which were a nice striped silk knit, which worked out better than I thought. I'd also second the kent wang wedding tie suggestion, at least for you.
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Regarding "wedding tie": http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/2010/01/wedding-ties.html

Regarding dressing up groomsman in matching suits: This "tradition" of groomsmen uniforms is just cheesy. Skip it and ask them just to wear a suit, shirt and a tie.
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Thanks for all of the input, it appears that the all navy suit thing may be out...happy.gif

Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

- Read SF101 on weddings

Any link for this? I tried searching but came up empty.
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