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Bohemia is not a place - it's a state of mind.  A commitment to live with your own sense of values, your own freedom and independence.  This video gives an insight into the values of the Bloomsbury Group (Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf, Maynard Keynes, EM Forster, Duncan Grant to name but a few) some of whom lived at Charleston.  
They lived and breathed art - whether that be through the medium of painting, sculpting, writing - and they challenged societal norms and the philosophy of materialism. Charleston a simple rented farmhouse near Firle, East Sussex, UK, provided a place to create these various forms of art and live with a freedom not possible in the City. It is impossible to capture the old world creative atmosphere of being at Charleston but this video gives some of the feeling of the raw creativity that engulfs you as you enter and walk around.