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Dress Shirts

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Hey guys,


I have mostly bought all my shirts from Hugo Boss Black.. I'm very skinny so the skinny shirts fit me well on a 14.5 neck, I was wondering if you had any advice on other brands that have comparable cuts and sizes and the Hugo Boss Black! 



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I'm staying tuned as well, a lot of brands I tried are still baggy, especially in the sleeves.  One brand I have been eyeing for a while and plan on buying a couple from is Charles Tyrwhitt, I've heard that they are a more European cut, so much slimmer than what you might find from a typical American brand, and they have super slim.  Another I have heard about is TM Lewin.  I don't have any first hand experience with either one, but I have heard very good things.  Pricing for these two is very good as well.

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There are so many brands out there, but it would be good to also have a few tailored shirts so you get a good fit especially if it's a skinny fit.

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If you prefer Hugo Boss Black, then it's perfect, as it's shirts are worth-having. But if you want to switch to any other brand, you must try Turnbull or Asser once.

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