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Looking for Business Card Case under $300

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking at a business card case that can fit a substantial amount of business cards and is made of high quality grained calf leather. The business cards I will be printing will be either 540, 600 or 700GSM so they are quite thick and will take up a lot of space. I often go to networking events, and the like and will need to carry the cards in a nice case.

Some of my choices so far have been: http://us.bulgari.com/productDetail.jsp?prod=33893 but in Black. Perhaps a LV in Epi or Taiga... Hermes is most likely going to be over my budget...

Can anyone suggest any other brands? Perhaps smaller brands in the US, UK, Europe? Again it should either be grained calf leather like most Hermes, Taiga, etc... or be a bit scratch/water resistant like the Epi...

My other choice would be to get an Antique Sterling Silver Cigarette case (with those straps to hold the cards in place). Perhaps this would be more unique?
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30% off with the corporate sale.
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Thank you, but as I mentioned in the post I wanted something that is a grained calf like the Hermes or Taiga leather or maybe something with a texture like Epi. This Brooks Brothers one looks kinda cheap to me and you can even see scratches and creases already forming in the photo's they have up there. I want something that will last many years without scratching or creasing (Kind of like my Taiga wallet that I've had for over 5 years but still looks like the day I got it!)
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Yes but the leather on that looks a bit cheap, especially compared to Taiga or Hermes... Out of the Brooks Brothers, the only one I really like is: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cordovan-Card-Case/609F,default,pd.html?dwvar_609F_Color=BLCK&contentpos=34 That looks rich! Definately one to add to the list, thank you!
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Have you seen the Brooks Brothers Buffalo leather stuff?
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Originally Posted by Liquidus View Post

Have you seen the Brooks Brothers Buffalo leather stuff?

It's definitely better than their other "grained" wallets but they don't have a big card case to fit lots of cards in that and it's still not nearly as high quality or aesthetically pleasing as Taiga, Hermes, or even the Bulgari wallet I mentioned earlier.

BTW, what are the boots on your Avatar? The quality and sheen of them looks amazing! Something like that for a card case would be awesome, but I am looking for shoes as well!

Anymore recommendations from anyone? (Aside from Brooks Brothers?) Perhaps some English, Japanese, French or Italian brands I can look at? They can be big or small time!
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