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dress corduroy pants

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I had a notion recently of picking up a pair of dress corduroy pants as I saw a few that looked good in a catalog, but I am not certain if this is a good idea or not. I recently got three pairs of "casual" cords from Costco (brand is Lucky Brand) at a cost of $30 each, and my impression is they are probably slightly less formal than chinos, so OK for casual Friday at work, but not for M-Th. Can a 34 year old professional who works for a unit of local govt (i.e. not overly formal office) wear dress cords? I never saw them in they look like the more casual corduorys I am used to, or do they look more like dress slacks? If you think i can get by with wearing it, what should be the proper wale? Does getting too high a wale [like 18] defeat the purpose of corduroy pants you think? Finally, if I get a pair of corduroy dress pants and get a cord sports coat, is it OK if the wale count is different?
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I have some dress cords from Lands End. They have several wale counts - from 8 to 18 I think, so you can pick your preference. The Lands End cords I have have the seam front pockets and button through rear pockets like dress slacks. The more casual cords I have seen have the patch rear pockets (like jeans) and slash front pockets.

I wear my Lands End cords to work where we are business casual (wool slacks, no tie, sport coat, etc.) and they are fine.

I personally wouldn't do cords slacks and a cord jacket - just my personal opinion. However, the sales person at my local menswear / shoe store is much more fashion forward than I am and he has a cord suit. It looks great on him as he's tall, thin, and mid 30's. So you may be able to do the cord slacks / cord jacket look.

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I wouldn't wear cords with a cord sportcoat - wear something else with some kind of texture like tweed or a loose weave wool.


I've seen cord suits looking pretty great but I'm not too sure about how separates would look -  being able to play around with different textures is probably my favourite thing with fall/winter dressing. Though I suppose differing whale counts is a different texture but you could end up looking a little 'fluffy'.

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Heard good things about Howard Yount's trousers - few nice cords and some great looking flannel

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any suggestion for the wale count? Or is it strictly personal preference?
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Originally Posted by samnc View Post

any suggestion for the wale count? Or is it strictly personal preference?

everything should be personal
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I picked up a pair of Perry Ellis chocolate brown cords at a thrift store. The wale is very thin and they feel almost like velvet. I have been wearing them with a sportcoat in occasions when I'm bored with jeans.

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