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Custom Hand-Sewn Bag from Simon Baker and Full Review - Page 5

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Have you got your case yet? What are your initial impressions?
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I have seen my friend one from them, their leather is far better than SAB and my dad's dunhill bridle briefs... However I suggest everyone should pay the extra for suede linings and interior pockets, it is very worth it.
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Originally Posted by Patek View Post

Looks like it will be an amazing bag. I debated between tan and Havana so interested in seeing the outcome.
My bag was stuck in customs over the holiday but I should be receiving or today. Too bad my camera broke over the holiday.

Thanks for sharing the process with us. Enjoy your briefcase and hopefully you will be able to share some more photos with us when you have a new camera.

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this is one of my favorite SF threads ever.
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Has anybody heard from Simon. He isn't replying my emails (I sent a couple over a 10 day period), and nothing. A little worrisome.
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You can follow the progress of the case Simon is making for me here:
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So, I have been using my bag for a couple of months now and never updated this thread.

I will take pictures this Sunday and upload with full review.

Overall, very happy with it and have been beating the crap out of it and getting some "patina".
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Patek, what you have here is an eye-catching artpiece, and with envy comes all the nastiness people can provide. Do check with your insurance provider about their terms for stolen everyday items, like bags. Someone may find it just too damn tempting.
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Has anybody had experience with Simon Baker apart from Patek's posting about the quality of his briefcase, more pointedly, about how he has responded to customers?
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In response to bboysdontcryy, Mr. Simon Baker has been great. He is patient and cheerfully answers my (many and often silly) questions. I am in the process of ordering a briefcase and it has been a pleasure discussing with him.

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How have your bags held up so far?
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And my order is underway - really happy so far!

(Dark Havana, chrome hardware, shoulder strap, full sized rear pocket, centre lock with buckles either side)

Gusset stitched together; the partition boards ready to be stitched in; front cut:

Gusset almost there:

Gusset finished, shoulder strap done:

Pattern for front flap finalised:

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Just pulled the trigger on a Simon Baker case much like Patek's.

A few custom options, such as a special interior pocket designed to hold my fountain pens.

Now I have to settle in and wait.
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The bag is so great. Thks everyone for sharing!
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