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Custom Hand-Sewn Bag from Simon Baker and Full Review - Page 2

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Final picture of a busy day:

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Amazing craftsmanship, thanks for sharing this.
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Update from yesterday. Starting to look almost like a bag:

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And what does such a beautiful object cost?

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If I were to venture a guess, probably in the region of a Brigg bag --


Or very possibly more if you buy a Brigg bag during their annual sales and have it shipped out of Europe (thus saving on the VAT in addition to their discounts).
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Some more progress

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Decided after much deliberation not to go with the newspaper pocket.

This is not my bag, but I guess I jest like the cleanliness of the rear without the pocket. Also afraid the pocket will stretch and droop over time.

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I've been wanting to commission a bag for a while. I have really specific ideas of what I want, and have been unable to find a bag that fits the bill. I'm closely following this thread ....
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That is the beauty of custom--you get exactly what you want and it this case the Hazlitt and workmanship are through the roof as the bag itself is quite ordinary. Maybe next time I will go with purple suede smile.gif.
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I'd like to add my words of support for Simon. The first bag shown in the initial post is mine, a replacement for a SAB (which I sold on eBay). The SAB was beautiful, but this is a level above. Simon did great work, used the best materials, and produced exactly to my wishes. I've had the bag for more than a year and it's been fantastic.
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I sent my deposit to Simon a few weeks ago, can't wait to get my bag. I had been waiting over a year for an SAB, but canceled my order once I talked to Simon. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Awesome. I'm all about supporting artisans.
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Great thread, looks like an amazing bag!
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So, to the quality and perfection of Simon's work: The city started construction work outside of his shop and the noise caused him to lose concentration and he made a mistake when creasing the line around the flap. Instead of trying to "fix" the crease, he ordered a whole new piece of bridle leather and is in the process of remaking the flap. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I could not speak higher of that amount of integrity and workmanship.

New leather:

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Very nice! I used the same lock on my bag (in my avatar) and I couldn't find the proper rivets (shallow enough) to fasten it. How did they do it?
I still have the silver version of this lock and hasp but haven't made another bag to use it because I can't find the rivets. Any help you could provide would be well appreciated.
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