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Thanks for those references. Gonna look into those brands and try to locate Filson store perhaps. I've emailed them about measurements, hopefully they can give those to me.

I spoke with Jcrew and Bean and was enlightened regarding Bean's regular line. honestly, it goes along with the flannels i ahd bought. I don't get how they can have over 20" shoulders on a size small. That's outrageous. 17.5-18.5" should be shoulder size for a small. Base it off of, say, 38 jackets, which would never have 20" shoulders! That should be a medium, like a 40 jacket and so on.

Anyway, incase anyone cares (all size small):

Bean Original (it's basically huge... or a medium. I don't really get why they do this and then proceed not to even make XS. They are losing out on potential customers)

Chest 45"
Sweep 43"
Sleeve Length 34.25"
Length 31.5".
Shoulder 20.25"

Bean 1947 Field Coat (sized well - a bit more trim than the Jcrew in fact)

Chest 42"
Sweep 41.5"
Sleeve Length 34.75"
Length 30.25".
Shoulder 17.75"

Jcrew Barn Jacket (not as trim as the Bean above, but assumably fits well)

Length: 29.5"
Chest 43.25"
Waist 41.5"
Sweep 42"
Sleeve Length 34.75"
Shoulder 18"

W&B (Jcrew) Angler Jacket (Gotta pay $328 for it, but it is also sized well, says "heavy duty canvas" and shorter length probably would work well for me honestly):

Length 27"
Chest 42"
Waist 41.5"
Sweep 41"
Sleeve Length 34.375"
Shoulder 17.75"

And still looking into the Filson. Also asked about their ranch jacket (which is a shorter coat). I would consider the other Filson you referenced, but I believe it's oiled and not looking for the waxed cotton, just looking for "dry" finish. The Jcrew jackets benefit from this. As do the Filsons I am looking at. The Bean, I believe is waxed because the British Millerain is a waxed cotton. It makes it harder to clean, the finish needs to be reapplied and it ultimately isn't even THAT water resistant (not waterproof, that's for sure) so not worth the trouble in my eyes. Honestly, I might go with the Bean now if it weren't for the waxed cotton. If Filson is sized well... might go with that though. And oherwise could consider that Jcrew Angler jacket. Maybe I can find a 20% coupon and get it for like $240.... that would be far more reasonable.
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Filson's Forestry Cloth Cruiser is made of wool. Those Bean and Crew "Wallace & Barnes" coats are okay, but it's not worth $328 for an "Imported" cotton jacket. Those are jackets you look at when they're 30-50% off. I know you want proper sizing. I just can't help thinking there are better quality options out there - Filson, Pointer Brand, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Engineered Garments, Post Overalls, even vintage
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