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For Sale:
Prada Cervo Antic Wallet

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Prada Cervo Antic Wallet

Material: Deer Skin Leather
Colour: Brown, Silver
Includes:Authenticity Certificate Card
Origin: Italy
Overall Condition: Mint - shows very minimal signs of wear

I just recently received this wallet as a gift from my wife, but I'm not finding much use for it as I currently have a wallet I use fulltime. Wallet also comes with the prada authentication certificate/card. The pictures are right out of the consignment store's website my wife purchased this from a few weeks ago.

Looking for $190 OBO. Looking for $150 (Taking a huge hit on this, as I've been told by my wife who bought this for me).. I've had a PM asking/commenting that it looks very "worn". I can definitly vouch to the fact that it is not worn, but the deerk skin leather and pics show it worn. The leather is very soft.

Forgot to mention. I can ship anywhere, and will try to work something out (I can foot some of the cost) regarding shipping costs if you're interested.

Inserted are additional pics taken with my blackberry. I gotten a PM with some concern on the look of the wallet "beat", but I can assure you it's the leather and grain which is super soft and making it out to seem "worn".
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