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looking for a watch--- wedding present for groom

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ok, not really a wedding present! it's an engagement present--- we are getting married next year (summer 2013), but for now we are having an engagement party, which is sort of a cultural tradition....big engagement party, the woman gets an engagement ring, the man gets a watch. it's also all supposed to be from the parents. so this is a gift to my fiance from my parents. 


my fiance prefers formal dress watches, with leather wristbands (black or dark brown leather), simple/pared down black or white faces, thin watch hands, and minimal branding (no in-your-face logos). 

keeping his criteria in mind: i really like the junghans x max bill. it also seems affordable and good for an engagement gift, as they'll likely get him something else for the wedding. 


but as i have less than two weeks now to get this done--- where can i buy this watch, or something else fitting his criteria for a watch  in toronto? i just don't have the time to be spending trolling the malls looking for something, or to order online.
my parents were actually supposed to make the purchase, but they have a different aesthetic, and were not quite able to find the watch that i told them my fiance would wear, so i have now taken it upon myself to find and purchase this present. within the next two weeks. 


thank you!!!! 

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First, let me congratulate you on your wedding and give you credit for honoring an old tradition. Since you deem $1200 affordable, let me steer you to (in my opinion) some better choices that can be had (with both a steel bracelet and a black leather strap) for around ~$800. It also probably has the same Swiss ETA mechanical movement. Some friends and I actually gave this watch to a friend of ours when he got married, he really likes it. It has a display caseback and is 40mm in diameter, a very standard dress watch size for men.

Hamilton H32665131

You can purchase a leather band for it and the jeweler can put it on for you. The band would look like:

A second, interesting choice for around your $1200 budget is the Longines Silver Arrow. It is a little less water resistant and does not have a sapphire crystal (but rather hesalite) for a more vintage feel:

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thank you for your recommendations! i really like the hamilton. 
my parents have a budget of $1400, but obviously the cheaper, the better. 


do you know of any reputable jewellers in toronto? i have never purchased a men's dress watch before, and at this point, with so little time left until the engagement party, i just want to go to somebody who knows what they're talking about. 

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Please check your private messages, I am not sure if I am allowed to post vender prices and such here.
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Check out Nomos. They make some if the nicest dress watches around at around 1500-1800usd
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PM Kappelan, he's from Toronto and judging by his WAYWRN has watch tastes up your fiance's alley.
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I love my junghans max bill that I just got. They are around 1050 here. Go to the max bill website and use the locator to see if you have a vendor by you. Really recommend the watch as a cheaper version of the nomos, which i haven't seen for under 17k. They both have that bauhaus minimalist style.
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