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Two toned shoes

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How do you shine two-toned shoes? Neutral shoe polish? Or do you polish each color of the shoe seperately?

Also, are Allen Edmond shoes a good value...I see some on clearance south of $200.
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Depends what the colours and materials are; if it is two different shades of leather, neutral polish/cream would be a good option.

I have a pair of shoes that are calfskin and suede; for the calfskin I use a neutral polish because it has an antique look and for the suede, just use a protector spray.
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I'd also be interested in tips on how to shine calf and suede spectators. I'd really like to start building some patina on the calfskin parts, but fear for the safety of the suede. I mean neutral polish would probably be the easiest thing, but if there is some cheat code to do this with colored polish I'm all ears. Masking tape?


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