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Mark Shale Oakbrook location

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Does anyone know if the Oakbrook location is still open? I will be there Thursday and was going to stop in. I like that store to bad they are closing down.
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don't really know but would be interested in how many stores they have left in Chicago.

really hated it when they shut Atlanta store down.

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Closing for good.lots of great items @ 30-40% markdown.
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Sad. I left Chicago in '88.
At the time there were two major
independent trad clothing stores
in Chicago: Mark Shale, and Brittany, Ltd.
There was also an independent in Oak Park,
the name of which I forget. In addition, there
was Ultimo which specialized in very high-end Italian
clothing- also gone. The story seems to repeat itself as it has for
the past two decades, despite the so-called
"return of the suit"
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^^ sad indeed. while checking store items over the weekend, I caught a conversation with a longtime employee. I asked him what's going on..he said the private equity owners decided to liquidate. not sure about the accuracy of this claim..
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Hate to hear that. Loved their Dallas Galleria store, which closed a few years ago.
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