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Gear and garb for the bike commuter professional

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I bike commute to the subway generally everyday except blizzards or heavy freezes.  Up until now, I've used an old North Face daypack I had to lug my suit, lunch, etc.  This works ok, but I have to deal with some minor wrinkling.  If anyone knows of a bag that can hold a suit with minimal wrinklage with room for other things (at minimum, lunch container, a couple of bike locks, cell phone/keys), please advise.  I don't want the touring gear that rides on the bike; also, I hate the one shoulder-strap bike-messenger-style bags, so I would prefer a typical 2-shoulder strap bag.


Also, I'd appreciate anyone sharing their recommendations on commuting clothes, specifically winter gear.  I have an old Performance jacket and matching hat.  They are both waterproof and warm, but don't have any breathability (you can get just as wet under the jacket from sweat) and certainly lack any sense of style (20+ years old gear).

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Another critical criteria for the bag which while probably obvious, I forgot to mention---waterproof.  My current bag is water resistant for most rains, but if its pouring, everything in it will be soaked.


Also, for the clothing advice, I live in the DC area, so I am looking for something heavier than a typical windbreaker.

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Thanks, problem solved.

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Truce Designs


30L Medium Drop Liner is roomier than Mission and Chrome (I fit the following in mine: dress shoes, dress shirt, dress pants, windbreaker, medium tupperware, medium u-lock and a macbook 15"), seam sealed zips, top pocket is tits when it comes to easy access to keys/flashlights/gloves/misc small shit. FYI they've been prototyping a version w/ an exterior side pocket for a u-lock, if you order through a bike shop or give them a call they might do one up for you.


Protip: roll your suit/shirt/pants instead of folding, greatly reduces wrinkling for clothing

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go rapha.
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Thanks for the posts, excellent stuff.  Do any of these bags have the space to put in a suit similar to some of the small carryon bags, with one fold and a harness to keep in place?  I liked the Mission Workshop rucksack for this---it looks like you might be able to put in a suit/hanger without folds at all.  The Truce Designs looks too narrow to put in a suit without at least one fold.


Speaking of hangers, are there bike-commuter friendly hangers?  And/or, is it dangerous to be riding around with a hanger in my backpack?  While unlikely, I imagine if I got hit or otherwise crashed and landed on that the wrong way, I could impale myself.

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