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Office Nicknames

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I've just been told I have an office nickname, "Maverick". Surprisingly, this is not because I am short and engage in homoerotic volleyball games. I always walk fast and apparently everytime I walk by this row of hanging posters they all flap around. So the AA's by there call me Maverick.

We also have a "Rocket Scientist" - named because she says she was some sort of Rhodes Scholar in math but, at a very visible presentation,said "it's literally as simple as [writing out 2+2=5] two plus two equals five". No joke intended. There's also "Vegas", our senior attorney, and "Leadbelly", whose last name is "Ledbetter".

Any good ones?
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In a position I held about ten years ago my directs called me el jefe loco.
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my reports all call me "boss", uniformly, they never call me by my name. for years people who reported to me or worked with me called me "co-zach" as in Casack. I have heard that in my present office "attack (rymes with Zach) is the standard.
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Vladimir or Vlad for short.

Long story how that came about.
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Everyone calls me by my last name + er at the end.

E.g., your last name is Kegg --> Kegger.
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what if your last name ends in -er?
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Then you get a different nickname.

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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

Everyone calls me by my last name + er at the end.
E.g., your last name is Kegg --> Kegger.

Man, I'd have to have people walking around the office all day calling me Fucker. That's got to be a real downer.
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They call me by my name but refer to me as the Texan when not directly talking to me (solely because I am from Texas...I don't have any mannerisms outside of "y'all" and an intense and irrational pride in my home state).

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Dirk Diggler

(too easy)
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Two came up from an old workplace. (1) T-Bone and (b) Sir Thomas.

Anyway, the T-bone moniker came up during a trip in Wilmington, NC, many years back. I was dating a younger lady semi-exclusively at the time, and also seeing a slightly older lady in another department at work. At the time I was assured by the second one that our business was clandestine and totally confidential, but I later learned that was most certainly not the case. Well, in Wilmington I was picked up by an attractive young lady at a bar on our first night there and we trundled off to other bars. Normally I wouldn't leave my traveling partners but it was an ad-hoc team where some of the members disliked me, and the feeling was mutual, so I had no problem wandering off with Strange NC girl.

A few nights later I arranged for a proper date with NC #1 and things worked out well enough but we'd walked a long way to the restaurant so she called a friend to pick us up. Later on they dropped me off at my hotel, where - as fate would have it - my traveling partners were just finishing a late training run. Kisses were exchanged, I hopped out of the truck, and from that point forward I had become T-Bone.
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They call me by my name. Or maybe the occasional "bro".
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Smiles or Mr Happy.

Because im a miserable cunt who has to fix everyones fuck ups.
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Have one guy who everyone calls "Dewalt" behind his back, because he's a tool.
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And it's the only tool company that office drones recognize.
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