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Because of stature, both physically and monetarily, I've been typically trying on suits from the tailored-fit section of BR and Ludlow department of J.Crew.   With my very slim build (I need a 36S), both types of suits fit me perfectly, however I was hoping to get another suit that was more high end and canvassed.


I've read so many stories on SF as well as other men's forums where people just happen to "pick-up" a canvassed suit for much less at a discounted store.  I was tempted to invest in a Brooks Brothers Back Fleece navy suit since it is currently 50% off, but still $900 is out of my price range (Is $900 a good deal for BB-BF and should I overlook that price?).   Another poster on SF was saying how he was able to pick up a Black Fleece suit for $200 but didn't say where I should shop.  Or should I be looking online?


So my question is, for a student who is on a budget, where should I be looking for descent canvassed suits that can last me through job interviews and perhaps daily hospital work?  Th Men's Wearhouse doesn't really carry anything that conforms to my body type - I look fairly boxy in their suits.  A Nordstrom's Rack carries brands like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Ben Sherman but those honestly don't feel or look right on me either.


Do I have any sartorial Jiminy Crickets who can guide me?