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Buying a new suit now? Yay or Nay?

Poll Results: Buy a new suit now?

Poll expired: Oct 28, 2012  
  • 66% (2)
    Yeah, you'll need it.
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    No, you're just a kid, calm yourself.
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Good evening everyone,


So as of late I've been pondering the purchase of a new suit. The current one that fits me now is a Jos. A Bank suit (the exact series escapes me) that's a dark, solid navy blue. I bought it last year for an event for my school and Navy Blue was the required color. My other suit, a Black & Brown (by Joseph Abboud) got caught in a rain storm the day of Senior Pictures, so wearing it is a no go, and it was for a while since the slacks were too short and the waist was too small. My Jos. suit fits me decently, but the slacks are short (Waist is perfect), the creases aren't very crisp at all (they just fall like noodles typically) and the jacket fits boxy, and really accentuates my shoulders, plus I'm not fond of the color. Also, I'm not a fan of the pleats. Overall, I'm just not happy with how I look in it, I'm a senior in high school (so we're not talking an every business professional) but I wear a suit much more often than the typical teenager. I accompany my parents to charity events they're involved in, and other business events, along with the number of dances and other events coming from school that require more formal attire, plus I like to dress well (or, at least try to dress well.) It's fun for me. A new suit would be great, but I fear that my age is too risky for buying a new suit since I may outgrow it. I'm 6'2, with my growth spurt hitting me early-mid last year. I grew about 5-6 inches within a year. It's a fairly significant amount, so that lends me to believe that, for the most part, my growing period has passed its peak, but can I still grow a considerate amount that a new suit would prove futile since I may still grow a good amount that I would outgrow it, or maybe I'm just too young to be buying suits. If you say "go-for-it" then any suggestions? I"d be willing to pay up to $600-$700 overall. So, what do you think? Get a new suit? (Maybe by next month) or just wait 'til I've stopped growing overall? 

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If you grew 6 inches since you got your suit, I'm guessing it can't be altered to fit you now. I'm also guessing you're not going to grow much more, but who knows. If you think there's a chance of outgrowing another suit, don't spend a lot on it.

Because here's the thing - if you get an inexpensive ($200-$300) suit that fits, it will be a mega-upgrade from your current suit that's 6 inches too short for you. You don't need to spend a lot to make a huge step forward given where your starting from.
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If most of them doesn't fits you already. that's the time to buy a new one and if there are special events like weddings and business seminars. :)

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Post pictures of yourself in the other suit. I'd like to see what you mean by "fits decent."


If the suit actually does have a decent fit, then I'd vote against buying a new suit. As a senior in high school, you probably won't get a lot of use out of it. You'll probably end up with a suit that doesn't fit much better than the one that you have now, and $600-$700 is probably a pretty nice chunk of change for you. You could spend that on things that you'll enjoy more and get more use out of. man's opinion.

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Actually, I forgot to mention, over the summers at work, the office requires a suit except Friday (This is only during the summer, I work from home during the school year), but yeah, you're right, I wouldn't use it as much as someone who has a set career. 

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It's always a good idea to purchase suits especially for the lifestyle you lead. You can always have tailor made suits so it gives you extra material for future alterations or adjustments.

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