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Originally Posted by Russ_H View Post

Here is the proper home of Barbour:
I used to work just along the road. I would occasionally visit the factory shop, as good bargains could sometimes be found - slight seconds, for example.

Proxy? smile.gif - that's quite a trip from London.

I just won a 'Worn Twice' Made in England Border for £97 cool.gif
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Wait, you're upset that Barbour has had to offshore its production, but you buy yours second hand?

I have nothing against buying second hand clothing, and do it myself, but that seems a bit incongruous with the belief that one should support domestic production.
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I tired buying it new. I called/emailed Barbour, the online store and asked at the partner store in Regent Street. No luck purchasing a Borders which was made in England. They had other models which were M.I.E but not the Borders. I even bought my wife the Bendnell which was 'Made in England' from the Regent Street store.

Even if Barbour sold the Borders at a higher price because it was M.I.E, I would of still purchased it.

I had no choice but to purchase second hand.
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I bought a Barbour Border fall 2011 from Stollery's because the border is slightly longer to wear over a SC. On mine, tt says "Made in England" on the bottom right of the main label (the black one) on the inside, just below the collar.
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Originally Posted by Ivon View Post

I bought a Barbour Border fall 2011 from Stollery's because the border is slightly longer to wear over a SC. On mine, tt says "Made in England" on the bottom right of the main label (the black one) on the inside, just below the collar.

Shame the one I bought from the Barbour Store didn't shog[1].gif
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You'll more than likely find Barbour wax-cotton jackets are assembled in England from foreign components. Something like the zips, buttons and poppers come from China or Korea, fabric might come from Tunisia, Turkey, etc., the people doing the cutting and sewing are probably Polish or Indian, and the sewing machines they're using are more than likely Japanese.
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Edited: nm. I don't really want to debate this.
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Reply from Barbour.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your message.

With reference to your enquiry, we do where possible try to keep the manufacture of our classic styles within the UK on checking for you the Border Jacket is currently being manufactured in Bulgaira.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

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Here is a picture of the label from my Border, bought a little over a year ago from Stollery's, a long time Barbour dealer.

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This however is another reason to purchase *vintage* Barbour jacket you understand..

Living in Florence, Italy, Barbour is not easy to come by.

Finally locating a high end shop which sold them, upon trying on the International after all the research and praise I'd read, I was appalled and disappointed.

Felt very may have been only the 6oz, yet it was the wax version. Even "XXL" was too small on my 44inch chest, 6'1" athletic build....the arms, body, it simply did not fit well at all. How can arms be too short on a motorcycle jacket?

I really wanted to like these jackets, and following my gut, I got an amazing deal on a vintage NATO International...the original military one (M7). Size 44 proper. It is big on me, fits bigger as it should, that is..and how I'd read online they should be.

Built like a tank. I really stole it for an insane amount off the well known auction site....I won't even state the amount it was so ridiculous. No tears, holes, etc, with belt...I restored it, and it is like new...

I see these selling for quite a lot online now..same at least as "like-new" recent Barbour jackets that are selling.

Also purchased a vintage A7 for my father....built like a TANK also...just the same as mine.

The only jacket I found of comparable quality was the Mcqueen special edition...but the price...come on.

It is a shame they seem to be resting on their laurels to some extent. I realize the world is what it is today, but nevertheless, as most of us within this forum know and appreciate, quality and craftsmanship are paramount. This brings the exclusivity desired by the clientele who go after and have revered from past times marques such as Barbour.

Promoting their heritage alone without the craftsmanship is hollow, empty, and just rude.

And to try and outsource a marque such as Barbour seems as foolish as can be for such a company.
You remove that you have nothing. How can a garment with 3 royal crests be outsourced to Bulgaria?!

Better to reduce production and size and make them locally as without this factor the brand means nothing anymore(in this case) it seems to me.

But hell, even Gieves and Hawkes, et al. are outsourcing?! What is the world coming to..? How can a savile row tailor outsource abroad?

I know I know, they must compete and are forced to in order to survive inflation, rising rents, competition, and several other things, but it is just insane.
Also how items can be outsourced and how it all works to manipulate and still allow the "Made In" wherever...when it is actually 80% of it is not "Made In" wherever..

.... it is all so ugly isn't it?

Ah, what do I know....people must be buying.
But I digress..

Kind regards
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