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Nouveau feature!

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I was reading through some topics and realized we have people from all over the world. Also, many style questions depend on a person's location. So after agonizing over trying to get the location thing to work (I hacked it in but it was showing up blank in everyone's post on the page I was trying on), I realized the problem: Almost no one has put his location in his profile. Ack. So now every post will show a poster's location and you will be left out if you don't add your location. It's easy, so do it. Go to "Your control panel"->Personal info->Edit your profile->Location, and put in where you live so we can all see it.
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I like that, j. haha, I was just about to start reading your post and noticed your location. And, as I was asking myself why I never noticed that before, I saw the explanation.
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OK - I'll put my pin on your globe. What I really like about this forum software is that it allows me to specify my timezone offset (I'm GMT) so I don't always have to do math in my head when looking at the time of the postings. Rather neat, except we don't use summer/winter time so I do have to change my offset twice a year. Timezone and daylight savings time options would be better IMHO. Kudos for this place . B
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location thing cool idea, always wondered if BjornH was a Swedish dude now I can put my curiosity to rest...
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You were close, I'll be moving to Stockholm in march . I'll be posting to get some inside info on the city :-) B
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oh yeah cool, definitely let me know when you've moved to the land of milk and honey and I'll give you insights in what we have to offer here besides fit blondes =)
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