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Shopping in the DC area

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Hey guys, I'm a Styleforum Neophyte from the DC area, although I do consider myself a bit better educated on sartorial matters than most of my peers.  The next time that I go home, I'll have turned 18, and I'm looking to buy some new pieces for my wardrobe.  While my father and I--the latter sadly only for a brief period of time-- were patrons of James in Galleria, the store's closing has left me picking out pieces at Neimans and Saks.  Would anyone be able to recommend a quality menswear boutique in the area?


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William Fox and Co at 15th and G - Drakes ties, Hilditch and Key shirts, Samuelsohn suits OTR and MTM. I've been working with Ryan on MTM in a model they don't usually carry, and the customer service has been great. Very attentive to detail.



Sky Valet for shoes - Alden, Crockett and Jones, Loake, Allen Edmonds, some Edward Green, and soon Carmina. 


Depending what you're after and whether there's a sale on, the Ralph Lauren stores in Georgetown and Friendship Heights both have knowledgable sales associates whom I've found quite helpful.


Places for casual stuff depend entirely on your style. 

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What's a Sammy MTM go for at Fox?
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Best to call them and ask, but for a Gable model in a basic fabric I think you're looking at about $1,200-$1,400 or so. But since that's not my situation, I'm mostly guessing here and you should email or call them directly to find out. I wouldn't want to mislead you or put them in an awkward position because the price is different from what I'm guessing.




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I'd second the wm fox recommendation. They have only quality stuff and are good people.
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These are great recommendations. Does anyone know a good tailor? I've got a Mackintosh I'd like to have the sleeves shortened on. Thanks.
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William Field is not cheap, but his work is outstanding. 

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