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John Keats' lyrical poem La Belle Dame sans Merci (The Beautiful Lady without Mercy) is recited with wonderful rhythm and feeling by Ben Whishaw, who stars alongside Abbie Cornish in the 2009 movie Bright Star (detailing the gorgeous love story of John Keats for Fanny Brawne) . Scenes from which have been used to help narrate and luxuriate in the poem.
Anyone who, like me, has a tendency to weep at romance should watch this drama!  Alongside the love story are the stunningly beautiful locations - both naturally (the bluebell wood scene, the reeds on Hampstead Heath Pond) and the interiors (Keat's room where he writes his poetry - womb-like warm tones, the early formal dance scene in the ballroom) create a wonderful atmosphere.  The music chosen is unusual and stirring and the depth of the relationships (both hidden and open) makes one think.   I challenge anyone (with a heart) not to feel wonderfully moved when luxuriating in this story.