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The top watch is especially clean and modern looking. Very nice.
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Great thread. Amazed to see some of those backpacks. So cool.

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To lazy to push a button?
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bringing back the holster,
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Originally Posted by MS007 View Post

lol @ richie hawtin doing bags.
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Any recommendations for luggage since Mr. Coppidge won't make a duffel bag censored.gif

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Depends on what you want to spend. If your limit is high enough, you can ask rach. He knows definitely more about bags than the rest of SF combined. (Although, if you are willing to pay I guess drew will make you an elephant duffel).

So, what specifically are you looking for? For minimal leather I always thought Common Projects was doing a nice one,

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CP one looks good.  Realistically I'm trying to keep it under $1000 which is what has stopped me from doing something dumb like getting a Cucinelli one on sale.  Mostly I was just looking for a few ideas of things I hadn't seen to maybe poke around a bit on.

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Neat stuff!

I would love to see both of these bags in an editorial with some space-tech (CK Collection et al) clothes
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Most of the watches posted here are trying too hard. I'd rather get a Stowa or a Nomos and actually get a well built watch from a reputable brand.

I liked a few of the rings though. The custom coin rings are decently affordable and pretty cool.
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The Rain Shield

More here.
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