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Here is a little montage to one of my influencers, Nicky Haslam and his beautiful weekend retreat, Odiham Lodge.  Nicky inspires me because he is one of those designers who refuses to be pigeon-holed unlike many others.  The lodge itself could be perceived by some as a little dated - but again Nicky appears to believe that everything has it's place - and beauty does not diminish with trends - as in the words of John Keats "a thing of beauty is a joy forever".

I can imagine that the lodge, like many buildings, has soul and could tell you about all the wonderful parties and romantic trysts that have undoubtedly taken place there.  A quote from Nicky : "The house is so welcoming," he swoons.  "It just loves people.  Cecil Beaton and that world have been, and I've had some parties.  The big hunting party for my 40th birthday was quite fun.  It had rained for a week, but June 16 dawned and it was boiling.  I had Cole Porter being played, jazz music, dancing, a tent, silver and mauve fireworks."