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For Sale:
Alden Leather Soul Ultimate Jumper Boots CXL 8E Barely Worn (10-31 Drop)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these Alden "Ultimate Jumper Boots" in size 8E from Leather Soul store in Beverly Hills a couple months ago. You can read about this popular LS custom style here: This LS run sold out in a couple of days and the UJBs are currently unavailable. I had a Goodyear rubber toppy added to the boots at Anthony's Shoe Service in San Francisco for traction and to extend the life of the soles. I also replaced the stock shoelaces with heavier nylon hiking shoelaces (I like the contrast as well). I have worn the boots maybe a dozen times. I have used shoe trees in them since the first wearing. As you can see from the pictures, they show very little wear. I have used Lexol NF on them a couple of times to keep the leather protected and hydrated (Alden's San Francisco store sells the Lexol NF and recommends using it to maintain CXL leather). The boots just do not fit my feet well so it is time to find someone that will get more use out of them. These boots are on the Trubalance last which most people say runs a half size big. Please know your Alden lasts and sizes. The upper are made of Horween's Chromexcel leather. The soles are double leather waterlock oil soles. Unlike the heel shown on LS's page, mine came with the same Foot Balance rubber soles that come on most Indy boots. These heels are more durable, shock absorbing, and comfortable than the dove-tail heels that are pictured on LS's website. I paid $560 ($500+tax+shipping) for the boots and another $50 for the Toppy. I will sell them for SOLD shipped within the continental US (will ship elsewhere for actual cost). They will be shipped in the original box. While the boots did not come with Alden shoebags, I will include new ones that fit the boots (Alden rarely provides boot shoebags). The original shoelaces will also be in the box. The pictured shoe trees are not included. Please send me a PM if you're interested or have any questions.

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