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Help me pick my next two pair of Edward Greens

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As I think I mentioned in my first post here, I blame SF for getting me hooked on Edward Green shoes. Over the last few years, I've accumulated a modest collection:


- Chelsea captoe in black on the 888 last

- Ladbroke in black on the 888

- Beaulieu in Dark Oak on the 888

- Southwold in Dark Oak on the 888


And I just picked up a pair of the Brummell in Edwardian Antique on the 82 last.


However, I'm still considering a couple more additions to round out the collection. Locally and in my regular D width I could get the Dover in Dark Oak on the 606 and the Newbury in Burnt Pine on the 888,





BUT, I'm currently lusting after the Inverness in Antique Burgundy and the Westminster in black on the 888.






I wear suits and dress shoes all week, so I can sort of justify adding a couple more pairs to the rotation. But there's the fiction of practicality, and then there's reality of aesthetic indulgence.


What sayest though, sartorial sages of SF: which two of the four listed there (Dover, Newbury, Inverness and Westminster) would you go for to round out the collection and why? 


Thanks in advance.



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Looks like you could use some Burgundy in the collection (or maybe you have a similar pair in another brand). But I really like the monks , if you don't minding loading up on black.
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Dover on the 606 ( can't go wrong) in Dark Oak
My next buy will be the Nevis . I'm in London in 3 weeks and hope Jermyn St has them!
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Inverness on the 888
Asquith on the 888
Malvern on the 82
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Well, if you are lusting after the Inverness, get it. You get an shoe that fits with your pattern of wearing mostly suits plus it expands your colour range. Right brain/left brain decision covered. One down, one to go.

The Dover is very nice and a classic shoe on a great last if somewhat more causal so ask yourself where are you going to wear it. How many other bluchers do you have? I'd certainly take it over a wholecut but I don't like wholecuts. If you are considering the Dover, take a look at the Nevis boot. Damn nice.

You don't have monks and want the Westminster so get it because once again you can go with your head and your heart. Works for suits and more causal settings plus you are jonesing for it. Only downside you have to decide if you really want more another black shoe.
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1) The inverness because it expands the color range of your collection, goes well with suits and is very beautiful
2) A non-Oxford: Either the Dover or the Westminster
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I really dislike wholecuts and floating medallions, personally, so I'd say no to the Newbury. If you already have the Ladbroke anyway, I'm not sure how much more the Newbury would add. Same with the Inverness and Brummell. That leaves the Westminster and Dover.

Personally, of all the shoes I own, the Dover is one of my favorites. I find goes with the most things. It's a stand out shoe in terms of quality and beauty without standing out in an outfit. 606 is also a really nice last, and it sounds like you have enough 888s. Also, it sounds like you don't have a single derby, which I think this could help fill. They're very useful, especially with more causal outfits.
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Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. I tried on the Dover and the Newbury today. The Dover just didn't work on me - for whatever reason, the proportions didn't look right to my eye. The Newbury on the other hand...well, I walked out with them, so 'nuff said. 


I also tried on the Inverness at Brooks Brothers. I normally take a 9/9.5D, but of course BB only carries E. The 8.5/9E seemed to fit reasonably well, but I wonder if anyone else has experience with moving from the D width to the E?

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