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Every time I walk in a JAB store, I get a creepy feeling.  I'm not sure why. 

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I'm not sure my wife is ready to permit this kind of sense gratification.


Enough said!

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BB's non-outlet stuff is miles ahead of most JAB in quality and JAB has always had a fuller cut than most. BB 1818 and GF are good quality. I work with a lot of guys who patronize JAB and they are always complaining about how quickly the suits show wear. Then they go back and buy 3 more for $500 or whatever.The trim cut suits are a recent addition.

I disagree. IMO, the quality of JAB's top line product is on par with the BB items that you're referring to. The guys who you mentioned are probably buying JAB's middle of the road or lower end crap. If they bought BB's lower end and middle of the road crap, they'd have the same problems, but they'd pay more. I don't shop at either JAB or BB because I think that they're both wastes of money. I'm not surprised to read that JAB has a new slim-fitting suit, because the "tailored fit" was crap. I will be surprised if the suits actually are slim though.

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It's not new. They've had "tailored fit" clothing for years. Maybe they have an "ULTRA tailored fit" line now. I haven't shopped there in years, so I can't comment on that, but I bought "tailored fit" clothes from them in the past and they still fit me like a rain tarp. In the end, I paid to have them significantly taken in. They've held up well.


I'm 6ft and I workout pretty frequently. My drop is about 12 inches. If you're shorter, and you only need something that's slightly....SLIGHTLY more slim than usual, then "tailored fit" may work for you.

Gotcha, thanks for the info

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Speaking of punctuation, an ellipsis has 3 periods (....) and is used sparingly.

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And it has a function: to indicate absent text.
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The clothing landscape has changed markedly with the internet and "dress down" in the work place.  Much business is no longer  transacted face to face. To that end many individuals need less suits in their closets and because of infrequency of wear they last  longer if one maintains ones size.  If clothing is not important to an individual buying less costly clothing may fill ones need. Most of the members of "styleforum" do care. Think about this: Banks is a publicly owned entity.They pay rent in some high rent locations like Madison Avenue. They pay for advertising on TV, Radio, and in newspapers. They pay salesmen commissions. They pay office staff.  I do not have access to their books, but my guess is that everything they sell is reduced more than 50%- buy 1 get 3 for free.  It should say something to you.  In spite of the aforementioned Banks can still be the right place for some.

Paul Winston

Winston Tailors/

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I would not say Jos A Bank has sales. When clothing is "on sale" every single day it is not really "on sale." I prefer Brooks Brothers because i can get MTM and made in the USA clothing.


Here is my first & last attempt at BB MTM, made in USA clothing.

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