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Pea/Reefer Coat

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Good evening,


As winter draws closer, I am looking to purchase a pea coat. I'm looking for something pretty authentic/old school. Any pointers?


So far, I'm interested in the Stearlingwear pea coat that they provide to the US Navy. Does anybody have any experience of one of these?


I would though, prefer to keep it British. I don't suppose anybody knows who provides pea coats to the British Navy or can recommend anything?



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Original Montgomery is the oldest surviving company chosen by the British Admiralty in the early 1890`s to make the first duffle coats.

The duffle was designed to keep out the worst of weather whilst not restricting the movement of sailors.

This first fabric was the same double faced material we use today,double faced to create a true weatherproof barrier.

We made duffles initially for the Royal Navy but these were 'traded' between officers from the Army and later the Royal Flying Corps.

As a result during WW1 our duffles were made for all services.

The first raiders behind enemy lines, the Long Range Desert Group later to become the SAS, used duffles as cover for the cold nights and seat cushions for the days travelling many hundreds of miles across the deserts of North Africa.

Today, as in the 1890`s, we make all of our duffles in England - one of the few companies that still does.
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^ Looks good if perhaps a little boxy (not necessarily a bad thing in a peacoat). There's a lined version which would probably be better for winter than the unlined version in that link.

Gloverall do a naval reefer based on the British navy garments and made in the UK. I don't have anything from them myself but my son has one of their duffles and it is built like the proverbial. For me I have a Buzz Rickson peacoat which is great, but it is probably not what you're after as it is very much an American thing - a repro of the 1910 USN peacoat down to the number of stars on the buttons etc.
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Thanks for the replies.


Does anybody have any experience with the Sterlingwear products?


Apparently there is a Spec coat available too which is the US Navy issue version.



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SWD has a Mega Peacoat thread plus there are many threads on Sterlingwear.
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