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thoughts on these shoes?

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Nice? Not?
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while I like the thought of an austerity brogue this model seems awfully busy with the spacing of the double lines of stitching.
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I like austerity wingtips and these are charming. I rather like the double stitching. Details please?
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not.  too forward but not refined.

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I don't really like, but I'm not sure why...

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I like them - I especially like the color.

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Originally Posted by Man Of Lint View Post

Details please?

Barker Geneva

I like 'em.
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I like them.....I like my shoes fairly simple; these shoes go right to the line without going over.  I personally don't like wingtips, but these are beautiful shoes...I think they will age and wear well.....Always, my first consideration is how they fit.....when I first put on a pair of shoes or boots, I have to feel I can  walk all day in them without discomfort....then I usually buy them.  I like the double stitching....they would look incomplete with single stitching. 

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Double line pushes them over the edge to me. As someone mentioned above, an austerity brogue should be, well, austere.

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It's the clunky proportion that throws it off for me. Although if it rocks for you it's perfectly fine.
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If you squint a bit, the stiching almost looks like a tribal tattoo.
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I took another look at them and I happily stand my ground, austere rules be damned. I would agree that the double stitching would be unecessary in a black finish, but in brown, it makes the shoe.
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Not bad. Not great..
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