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Anybody in PR (or very familiar)

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My fiancé works at one of the five largest worldwide PR agencies, and I think she's being hellishly overworked. She works 8-11 almost constantly (at least four days a week) and does another 5-10 hours a week at home. She isn't management or anything, and the workload has been consistent for the four months she's worked here...it isn't like an account had an emergency; this is just routine stuff. From what I understand, there has been talk of getting her help on her projects, but given that she's not one to agitate things, I don't know how quickly that will happen.

So my question to those in or whom are familiar with the industry: is this workload standard?
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This is in Seoul?

My colleague's daughter is a PR manager for a very big firm here in the U.S. She loves her job because she travels a lot, but it's not a 9-5 deal. She says she averages about 50-60 hours of work per week, but it's not all work...she gets too have fun too especially when she's at award shows and sporting evens.
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Yup, in Seoul (and though it's a western company, all of the employees at the Seoul office are Koreans). And at the moment she's too far down the pecking order to get to do any fun stuff.

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Yes, PR firms are notorious for overworking and underpaying the junior people. Quite like a lot of industries, actually.
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