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Should I Buy A Suit Brush?

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I noticed a thread recently and I don't want to hijack that one...


Is a clothes brush necessary or highly recommended? It seems to me that a lot of clothing and shoe care items are overkill. I want to make worthwhile purchases and these fringe items can quickly add up. I just picked up my first bespoke suit and I would like to take good care of it. What are your thoughts on the usefulness of a brush?

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It's like brushing your teeth, or washing your butt.
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What I mean is, yes you should take care of your nice stuff!

Here, I'll try to be helpful: Kent Brushes sells new, factory-second brushes on eBay for very reasonable prices. In fact, there's a double sided clothes brush on the top of their page right now for 24 bucks.
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Yes. Very useful in removing dust on wool suits and gives that nice sheen on the suit.

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if you have a grease stain, put some baby powder on the stain, leave it in for a couple hours and remove gently with an aforementioned suit brush. you save your suit one dry cleaning. thank me later.

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absolutely. a garment brush is the most useful accessory in my apartment.. at least use a soft-bristle toothbrush if you don't want to spend the money on a real brush.

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I have one of the 3-in-1 garment brush/lint remover/shoe horn thingies and I have to say it has come in handy plenty of times. I would not, however, recommend brushing your suits after each wearing like some others have over the years. It's just overkill and will shorten the life of your suits.

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