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My wife. We live cross-country right now so this way I get to see her all the time, or at least, whenever I'm on the computer and not on SF.

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Originally Posted by Arethusa View Post
By the way, where'd you get that high gloss XP theme?

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Just found this thread--I love the idea though:

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I'm a bit tired of it; think I'll look for something new right now...
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Here's the current version, but they come and go pretty quickly.
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Interesting thread. Here's mine:

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I recently changed mine:

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LK: Where is that?
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Originally Posted by Tyto View Post
LK: Where is that?

It's the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, designed by Arne Jacobsen.

The whole edifice hasn't really changed since its inception.

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I am the thread resurrection and the life. New(ish) laptop.
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Thrilling, I know.

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