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Yeah- you can't break a wheel of Harbison, Vacherin, Rush Creek... if you see Rush Creek this season, definitely go for it.
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The Whole Foods near me had Harbison split into quarters, don't know why. They also had Rush Creek. I don't know which I liked better, they were both delicious.
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Some will do that... but breaking a wheel of soft cheese is foo.gif IMO.
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Alright, CG. Help me out. If you were serving cheese and no dessert after a meal consisting of wild game courses, what would your selection be?
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What are the flavor profiles like? Heavy meal or a few smaller things?

Will you be serving a dessert wine, port etc?

I'll probably be recommending something that includes pairing with dried fruits like good figs or dates, maybe some honey... and an easy and delightful finish can be simply a great 30mo parmigiano drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Works really really old gouda as well... the dried/concentrated flavors together might best reflect the game. Or something like Rush Creek, warmed. Speaks of the harvest season and transition.

Hard alpine cheeses are a good seasonal choice... Comte, Beaufort...

More traditional and dessert like: fresh/ripened cheeses that are bright and acid are great and popular... same with triple creams - decadent as some expect dessert to be, you can pour a compote over or serve straight...

If you do something like that, I'd keep it at one cheese plus nuts/dried fruits. Otherwise, keep it to 3 cheeses.
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Or you could do a cheese & chocolate pairing...

parmigiano+dark chocolate icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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We got a Rush Creek and the best Gruyere I've had outside of Europe. Also some stichelton, just because. Will warm the Rush Creek.
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Sounds good- go easy on warming the RC- doesn't take much at all. If it's already very ripe you might peel back the top and check for consistency.

Those three will be very complimentary.
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Head's up Londoners... Neal's Yard has announced their January class schedule. They sell out quickly.
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Green Hill Asher Blue is crazy good. Need to convince people in Houston to start carrying it. Same with the new Landaff cheese, and extra aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve. I'm eating a scary amount of cheese lately.
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The judging at the World Cheese Awards was today- for the first time ever it was initially a tie- both finalists scored 109 pts.
In the end, Manchego DO Gran Reserve Dehesa de los Llanos from Spain was the winner.

The cheese tied initially with Blu di Bufala from Italy.
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Does this mean that that manchego will be selling for $55 a pound come next week?
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Ha- no, thankfully.
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109 pts: Manchego DO Gran Reserve Dehesa de los Llanos SPAIN

Other finalists:

109 pts: Blu di Bufala Azienda Agricola Gritti Bruno E Alfio S.S. ITALY
106 pts: Le Gruyere AOC 1655 Gruyere Depuis SWTIZERLAND
104 pts: Stärnächäs Extra Würzig – Walo von Mühlenen SWTIZERLAND
100 pts: Barkham Blue Two Hoots- Two Hoots Cheese Co. ENGLAND
99 pts: Rogue River Blue – Rogue Creamery USA
99 pts: Rotwii Bärgler, Red Nose – Walo von Mühlenen SWTIZERLAND
99 pts: Melkbus Boerenkaas – Uniekaas Nederland DV – THE NETHERLANDS
98 pts Comte AOP – Arnaud QST France
97 pts: Harbison – Cellars at Jasper Hill USA
93 pts: Shepsog – Grafton Village Cheese USA

89 pts: Spenwood Ewes Hard Ewe Cheese – Village Maid Cheese ENGLAND
87 pts: Le Gruyere AOC Switzerland Cave Aged – Walo von Mühlenen SWTIZERLAND
83 pts: Soignon Chevre de Caractere – Eurial Eurilait Ltd. FRANCE
80 pts: Sierrade Albarracín – Blue Label Queso de Teruel S.L. SPAIN
73 pts: Fiscalini Bandage Wrapped Cheddar – Fiscalini Cheese Company USA
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Finalists for the Good Food Awards announced... Alice Waters hosts the events Jan 18-19 in San Francisco
  • Avalanche Cheese Company, Goat Cheddar Colorado 2nd Annual Good Food Awards: 2011 Cheese Winners!
  • Barinaga Ranch, Txiki California
  • Bellwether Farms, Whole Milk Ricotta California
  • Briar Rose Creamery, Briar Rose Chevre Oregon
  • Carr Valley Cheese Company, Cave Aged Marisa Wisconsin
  • Cobb Hill Cheese, Ascutney Mountain Vermont
  • Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese, Petit Frere Wisconsin
  • CROPP Cooperative/Organic Valley, CROPP Blue Wisconsin
  • Gina’s Homemade, Gina’s Ricotta Arizona
  • Nature’s Harmony Farm, Fortsonia Gruyere Georgia
  • Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co., Bay Blue California
  • Spring Brook Farm, Tarentaise Vermont
  • Uplands Cheese Company, Pleasant Ridge Reserve Wisconsin
  • Weirauch Farm & Creamery, Saint Rose California
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