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Timex Weekender vs. Seiko Men's 5

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Has anyone owned either of these?  Both are cheapos that I'll use for everyday activities around the house.  Looks like the Seiko is a self wind.  For those that have owned, is it reliable?  How often do you have to wind it?  Thanks!

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I have that exact Seiko. It was purchased as a cheap intro into the world of automatic watches. I wore it regularly, but it consistently lost about 15 to 30 minutes per day and I got fed up with it & put it in the back of the sock drawer!

I've heard many here have had great luck with Seiko 5's (as well as other Seiko's), but my luck has been at best 50 - 50 with the 4 Seiko's I've purchased over the past half dozen years (I had a "better" Seiko quartz, that cost around $300 from a local jeweler, give up the ghost around the same time as the 5).

I would go with the Timex!
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i've got two of those timexes. they're great buys. i know this would be heresy among watch geeks, but they have a crisp, clean face, they keep time well, and they need no winding. that's what i want from a watch. plus, i wear them in rotation with an old Rolex, and it's the Timexes that people always notice.
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I also have a weekender with 4 different bands. I wear it in the summer and actually had it on today. Taget has them for appr $10 bucks less:

They also have bands for $6...

Cool watch. Mine is below:

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If you want consistency from the movement, the Timex is a better choice. I like Seiko, have a SKX173 that keeps great time, but I also own three Timex and they are less fussy.

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Bummer, didn't see this until I bought the Seiko 5 this afternoon.  Seems like a lot of people have issues with them.  Oh well, if it doesn't work out, looks like the Expeditions are pretty cheap.  Any other input?  Thanks!

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