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Cool slim-fit suit wanted ... where to shop in London?

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So... as a little birthday treat i've decided to invest in a new suit. I'm a graphic designer by trade so have no need for one as work-wear, but would like one for client functions I sometimes have to attend, the next one being in two weeks! 

I have a limited budget of about £400 and i'm after a classic, slim looking 1 or 2 button 2 piece suit in navy blue wool. Im 6'2" and slim-medium build.

I want the suit to look classic but slightly creative / arty too, as I'm in a creative role after all! I think this edge would perhaps come across with the shoes & accessories i add though perhaps? Wearing it with a buttoned up shirt without tie or dark polo neck etc.

Here's a few images of the sort of look i'm after:

For the limited budget and limted time i have i'm almost certainly looking an off-the-peg... but any ideas of where in London i might find what i'm after? And what labels within my budget are considered okay?


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Anyone?! confused.gif

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Well from what I have seen on your link you like the currently in trend style of suit that would normally cost you around 1000 pounds. I think for you budget you should check out COS and Suit Supply..they will have a lot of choice. Also if you are desperate Topman do slim fit ,skiny suits bu the quality is going to be atrocious..

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Thanks! I'm actually heading over to Suit Supply this evening after work... and i'll definitely check out COS too, i've just seen the website and it looks very on style for what i'm after, can't see much in the way of navy wool suits though but will take a look instore.


I know my budget is tight but at any cost i want to avoid having to settle on Topman ... was hoping £400 might net me something a little more special. 


Any other ideas welcome!



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Check the Sartorial range at Marble Arch's M&S and if needed that it to Pinnas & Needle for alteration
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Try and look around M&S, Paul Smith, Topman.

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Originally Posted by marcodalondra View Post

Check the Sartorial range at Marble Arch's M&S and if needed that it to Pinnas & Needle for alteration

Pinnas & Needles are awful. Avoid at all costs. They completely butchered some jackets and trousers of mine.
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^ really? i've found their work pretty decent.

OP please don't go to topman.. unless you want to look like you're in one direction. i'd agree with the above suggestions of suitsupply and COS
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Well i did pop into Suit Supply, but unfortunately nothing caught my eye... they all looked like fairly standard city suits, maybe i'm wrong?

COS had something fairly close but the fabric mix was: 

  • 70% Wool
  • 25% Polyester
  • 5% Cashmere


And the material was very heavy so i think this could be a bit too warm for indoor functions if i wanted to keep the jacket on?


Tomorrow i'll try the Paul Smith sale shop, Burberry outlet store, Aubin & Wills and possibly M&S but any other suggestions would be much appreciated. 


Again, this is the sort of style i'm after:



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i don't really know suitsupply but some of the suits i've seen on the thread on this forum look pretty decent.

forgot to mention, definitely check out uniqlo's suits (specifically the ones labelled 'slim fit'), likely to be your best option on the high street. best to go to the big oxford street one, they have the best selection

edit: this kind of thing
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Also Zara and All Saints. Both generally run very short, however, so they may look bad on a 6'2" guy.
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So I tried on a 100% navy wool twill suit in Cos today... as with all the suits I've been trying out in my current search, the 38 fits great round the neck and shoulders but is a little too snug round the body. 40 is too big all over!

I checked the 2 hems running up the back of the jacket and there seems to be enough material to get the 38 altered to fit, but i'm not really sure what I'm looking for. What do you think?


And can anyone recommend a decent place to get it done in central London and what sort of cost I might be looking at? The suit is a steal at £245 if I can get it altered.
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I suggest you have it custom made depending on your location i'm quite sure London tailors can  make a slim fit suit to your liking and exact figurations.

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