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Iron Heart Jeans, Jackets, Vests, & More

We've just received a large restock of the popular 301s jean from Iron Heart which now has a visible selvedge outseam. We worked with Iron Heart to tweak the way the outer leg is cut to preserve the selvedge edge of the fabric while maintaining the slim tapered fit the 301s is known for. The product page has been updated with the new measurements to reflect this.

We've also received a full restock of the Beatle Buster jean, the 634s, 461, and 9634z jeans. Along with all these jeans we've received Iron Heart's Type III jacket, rider's jackets in both indigo and Super Black, and Super Black denim vests.

All these jeans are available now at all four Self Edge stores and in our online store, check the appropriate product pages for more info, measurements, and high-res photographs.

Shop Iron Heart Online
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Iron Heart Indigo Dyed Waffle Fabric Shirts & Heavy Weight Jersey Knit "For Comfort" Shirts

We've just received a few new Iron Heart shirts including new colors of one our most popular shirts from last year.

First up we have a new indigo-dyed shirt made of a wild "waffle" fabric made of 100% cotton. The fabric has taken on the indigo dye in an interesting way and shows quite a bit of character even in it's new unworn state. Once the color starts to drop off in the high-friction areas this thing is going to look wild (in a good way).

One of our most popular shirts last year was the black jersey knit "For Comfort" shirt and we're happy to announce that Iron Heart has now produced them in gray and navy. These are a solid year round shirt that can be used as an overshirt with a tee or another shirt underneath or just worn as a shirt alone.

All three of these shirts along with a full restock of the 301s (now with showing selvedge ID), 634s, 461, Beatle Busters, 9634s, and all jackets and vests have hit all Self Edge stores. Check the online store for full spec lists, measurements, and size charts.

Shop Iron Heart Online

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what's the difference between ih-555-01 and 02? which one is for whom? I'm aware that the 01's are heavier but I remember a member saying they're softer or something? also, since both models run big, I assume it's ok to size down 1 or 2? thanks.
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have IHSH-59 in both colors red and black in size medium, looking to hopefully trade for a large. shoot me a pm if any interest. thank you

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My IHSH-75 at ~ 4 months / 4 washes



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Originally Posted by ZVincler View Post

My IHSH-75 at ~ 4 months / 4 washes



woah, woah woah. We definately need more pictures than just that.

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Originally Posted by eskamobob1 View Post

woah, woah woah. We definately need more pictures than just that.

That's a serious dick tease.
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Iron Heart's "Purple Urkle" Super Heavy Weight Flannel, 633s Straight Tapered Jean & Restocks

We've got two new items from Iron Heart and a restock of their popular Devil's Fit and 301s slim cut jeans.

First up we have the Purple Urkle super heavy weight flannel with black permex buttons. This thing is soft, super heavy, and shows off exactly what Iron Heart does best.

We have received our stock of the new 633s jean from Iron Heart, this is a jean designed to be a straight leg jean above the thigh and a tapered jean below the thigh. It was designed for those who need more room around the crotch and upper thigh areas of the jean but still want a tapered leg look with a small leg opening. You get all the mobility of a straight leg jean and the tapered look of a slim jean at the same time. These also come with a longer than usual inseam length. The 633s is made of Iron Heart's flagship 21oz sanforized denim.

Both these new items along with a full restock of the 301s, 634s, 9634, and Devil's Fit are available now at all Self Edge stores.

Shop Iron Heart Online

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Iron Heart Super Heavy Winter Flannels

The masters of heavy weight flannel have just delivered this year's set of heavy weight winter flannels. These have turned into a stable in our line-up every year with the patterns getting better with ever year. This year we have these in all three colors and once sold out they will not be restocked.

Along with these three new flannels we've received a full restock of all Iron Heart jeans including the popular Devil's Fit slim cut jean. Check the product pages for high-res images, specs, and size charts.

Shop Iron Heart Online

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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

That's a serious dick tease.

Sorry about that.  


Here's some more recent pictures - http://imgur.com/a/HXBmD  




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Iron Heart Winter Shirts, Jeans, Bracelets, & Wallets

Just in time for the colder months we've received three new Iron Heart shirts and a restock of all their jean models including the 634s, Devil's Fit slim cut, and more.

Two of the new shirts have a quilted lining, hand warmer pockets on the outside of the shirt, and a inner chest pocket. These are warm and comfortable, making us wonder why more of our shirts don't have hand pockets. We've also received Iron Heart's new black/black wabash shirt made of a black denim that's been discharge dyed to create the wabash pattern.

Along with these new shirts we've received a full restock of jeans, cordovan wallets, bracelets, and more.

Shop Iron Heart Online




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