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Distribution is limited to Self Edge, so...
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Originally Posted by JDelage View Post

Anyone knows of a place in the US that would have the 1955S?

That model is a collaboration with a Scottish retailer called Aero Leathers, so it won't be available anywhere in the US. You can get it from, though, they accept payment in US dollars and have free international shipping for jeans.
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OK, thank you!
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Iron Heart Super Heavy Shirts & More

Every year Iron Heart does a new batch of heavy weight shirts for the colder months, this year they've gone up a step by offering a wider range of shirts. We've received four shirts from them this week, three of which are great for keeping warm.

First we have the Blanket Lined 8oz Denim Overshirt, it's an early 1970's style lighter shade of denim that's cotton flannel lined with the the original Troy blanket lining pattern dyed into the flannel. The sleeves are also quilted with satin for warmth and comfort. The shirt has hand-pockets and two snap-buttoned chest pockets. We love this thing and couldn't wait to get it into the stores when we first saw the samples in Tokyo.

Next up we've got two heavy flannel shirts in solid colors, both with hand pockets and two buttoned chest pockets. This shirt is available in both black and navy.

Finally we've received Iron Heart's take on a wabash fabric shirt. They start with an indigo dyed cotton yarn that's later discharge printed with the dots to create the wabash pattern. This shirt fits great and has a nice heft to it without being bulky or uncomfortable.

All four of these shirts along with a restock of the Beatle Buster, 301s, 634s, and all other Iron Heart jeans, jackets, vests, belts, bracelets, and cordovan mid-length wallets is available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for more photos, specs, and measurements.

Shop Iron Heart Online:

Iron Heart Blanket Lined 8oz Denim Overshirt

Iron Heart Ultra-Heavy Flannel W/ Hand Pockets - Black

Iron Heart Ultra-Heavy Flannel W/ Hand Pockets - Navy

Iron Heart 12oz Wabash Snap Shirt
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Self Edge x Iron Heart x Leather Soul x Alden = SEXIHXLSXA13

For the first time we've come together with another retail store to collaborate on a product. We've come together with Leather Soul to design a set of jeans and boots from two of our favorite brands which compliment each other in both design and fit.
We've done a pair of jeans from Iron Heart using a new denim designed for this project and a pair of boots from Alden available in two colors.

The Iron Heart jeans are a classic 5-pocket jean with a medium rise and a straight leg with a slight taper that's flattering above the knee all the way up the back, also there's very little taper so the jean looks great with boots. The jean is completely stitched together with dark indigo thread, so while being a 5-pocket jean made of an indigo denim it's easily dressed up because of the lack of contrast stitching. For the jean we had Iron Heart produce us the darkest denim they've made that's still indigo (blue) colored in a new 23oz weight, the denim is sanforized and therefore even due to it's heavy weight, it's still comfortable.
This jean looks and feels amazing in person, Iron Heart nailed every aspect of the jean that we had requested to have made for us. The denim warp threads are so saturated with indigo dye that it's looking like a jean that will look amazing with some wear due to how the fabric will age over time.

The boots are designed to be versatile in both comfort and utility but also are able to be dressed up or down easily due to the detail, leather, and sole choice.
The Alden boot has a "faux" cap toe, a style Leather Soul has named the "conservation boot." This style was made in the 1940's when leather was scarce due to rationing and wartime shortages. Instead of a traditional cap toe, this "faux" cap toe style was used to give the look of a cap toe without using extra leather and the stitching is done by hand.
The boot is made on Alden's Trubalance last, has a tan Goodyear rubber wedge sole, and is available in black regina calf leather or Horween natural Chromexcel.

The Alden boots are available at Leather Soul Waikiki and Leather Soul Beverly Hills starting Saturday, February 18th. Orders via email are accepted by emailing Leather Soul through their website.

The Iron Heart jeans will go on sale at all Self Edge stores at noon (local time) on Saturday, February 18th. The jeans will also go on sale at 9am (PST) the same day in our online store.

Check the online store for a full spec list on the jeans, measurements, hi-res photos, and more.

Iron Heart Online

Self Edge x Iron Heart x Leather Soul x Alden = SEXIHXLSXA13

The Alden Conservation Boots
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Those are the blackest looking blue jeans I've ever seen...


And the boots are fucking cash

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Iron Heart Spring Shirt Collection

From the heavyweight champions of Japan we've received their new shirts for the spring season. Solid construction and all original fabrics round out these five shirts. All these shirts come with super heavy duty snaps, felled seam construction, triple stitched shoulders and yokes, and fabric that has to be seen in person to be appreciated.

Along with these new shirts all Self Edge stores have received a full restock of jeans, belts, denim jackets, and denim vests. Check the online store for shirt measurements and more hi-res photos.

Iron Heart Online

Iron Heart Super Black Fade-to-Gray Snap Shirt

Iron Heart Heavy Selvedge Chambray Shirt

Iron Heart Hickory Stripe Shirt

Iron Heart Westpoint Cotton Snap Shirt - Black

Iron Heart Westpoint Cotton Snap Shirt - Khaki
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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

Originally Posted by imschatzView Post
Asking more out of curiosity then necessity .. any websites that have frequent "sales" on any of their Ironheart products? Looking into getting one of the work shirts, and wondering where to shop.

PM sent..
You have unadvertised sales?
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Originally Posted by Nerkg View Post

You have unadvertised sales?

That PM was a year ago notifying him of a 10% off sale happening during that weekend.
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Iron Heart Sparkly Western Shirts, Moto T-Shirt, 634s-B Overdyed, & More

We've just received a couple of awesome new Iron Heart shirts with a special fabric that has a sparkle to it in the sunlight. It was difficult to photograph these to properly show off the fabric. This new Iron Heart shirt is available in black and red.

We've also received a new loopwheeled t-shirt with a great print on the front and back with a black cotton body. Along with the new tee and shirts we've received a new run of the 634s-B Overdyed Straight Leg Jean which is only done about once every year or two.

These three new shirts and the 634s-B are available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store along with a full restock of the 634s, 9634 Super Black, 461 jeans, and all denim jackets and vests.

Iron Heart Online

Iron Heart Sparkly Western Shirt - Black

Iron Heart Sparkly Western - Red

Iron Heart Moto-Race Loopwheeled T-Shirt
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New Iron Heart Shirts & Jean Restocks

We've just received two solid new Iron Heart shirts and a full restock of all their jeans, belts, jackets, vests, bracelets, and wallets.

One of the shirts is the new Mock Twist Gray Chambray shirt, this new fabric has a nice heft to it and while not as heavy as their super heavy chambray fabric it still feels heavier than your average chambray. Great details include selvedge down the inner placket, chainstitch run-off, and felled inner seams.

The next shirt is an 8oz indigo denim shirt that's a great summer-weight fabric for those that want a denim shirt but don't want something rigid and heavy. Great fit on this one, and a bit slimmer than previous shirts.

These new shirts along with all the restocks listed above are available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for more info on the shirts, hi-res photos, and measurements.

Shop Iron Heart Online


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Iron Heart 8301s Super Black Fade-To-Gray Jean and Native Stamp Loopwheeled T-Shirt

Over the years one of our best selling slim jeans has been the Iron Heart 301s. We've done this style in multiple types of denim and are happy to announce that we're finally able to offer it in Iron Heart's 21oz SBG denim. When in it's raw state the fabric looks like Iron Heart's Super Black denim except it ages over time due to how the yarn is dyed. The fabric starts black and fades to a gray then a light gray with normal wear, not unlike a blue indigo dyed jean.

Along with the 8301s jean we've got a new black loopwheeled t-shirt with an awesome graphic in yellow print.

With these two new items all stores have received a restock of the leather and steel cable wallet chains, all jean models (except the 301s which is coming August 23rd), denim jackets, and belts.

Shop Iron Heart Online

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Iron Heart Micro-Cord & Wabash Shirts

Iron Heart has just delivered the new colors of their popular Micro-Cord shirts which are now available in beige, red, and black. Last year when they released the black version it was one of the most popular shirts of the year. The fabric is a double-face weft woven micro-cord that's extremely soft to the touch on the outside and almost completely windproof due to the weft weave, while still being a light-weight shirt.

We've also received a full restock of their wabash shirt, these go quick every time we get them, the fit and fabric is top notch on these.

Along with these new shirts we've received a full restock of all their jeans which are currently in production along with belts, vests, and jackets at all three Self Edge stores.

Shop Iron Heart Online

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New camera. Thought I would finally contribute.

666sod - 4 months (full front)
Posted Image (full back) (butt) (combs) (front fit) (back fit) - Sat in something I suppose.
Posted Image (detail) (patch) (dirt) - Barista dirt.

Most colour is pretty accurate.

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