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yeah its just the fact that when most denimheads think "heavy" they think Iron Heart.
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Don't know if you all have mentioned this but you might want to check out this...

Now drool.
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IronHeart Hickory
IronHeart Quilted Chambray
IronHeart 634SR
Alden Indy chromexcel
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Pay attention, Arrow is the Man!
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Looking good Arrow. How long have you had the Hickory?

Those indy's look like you just wore them out of the shop.
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Wassup Trapp... Hickory is about 1 year and the Indys look like that because of the daily rain. They're pretty good so far in keeping my feet dry. edit: while I'm here, might as well add this for today: FlatHead Chambray IronHeart Wool Everything else is same...
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Self Edge x Iron Heart Dark Rider Flannel Workshirt

Iron Heart produces some of the most impressive flannel material on the market, so naturally when we wanted to have our own pattern produced we went to them with the idea of producing a fabric just for us.

The pattern, color, hand-feel, weight, and brush level was all laid out by Self Edge and after multiple versions we decided we had our perfect flannel material. Extremely soft, a versatile dark color, and a warm but breathable fabric round out this material that we had Iron Heart turn into their first non-snap button shirt.

The Self Edge x Iron Heart Dark Rider Flannel is available now at SESF, SENY, and in our online store. Sizing goes from Small to XXX-Large. These were made in a limited number and will not be restocked once sold out. We've also received a full restock of all Iron Heart jeans and belts:

The Self Edge x Iron Heart Dark Rider Flannel Workshirt

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This thread needs some SERIOUS love!!! Look what is coming to this Spring...

Haraki-San and Myself IH 4 LIFE!!!
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16oz Super Black Western Denim Shirt

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How much do Iron Heart jeans stretch? My flatheads are falling apart and I want to get a new pair of jeans. Torn between a pair of 301s or Dukes, anyone care to chime in?
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Iron Heart Spring Collection - Shirts, Jackets, & Jeans

A long awaited shipment full of many new Iron Heart pieces just rumbled into the store. We've got a great selection of Cordura Jackets, heavy selvedge chambray shirts in three colors, hickory stripe shirts, Super Black Rider's Jackets, and Super Black Button Down shirts.

We've also received a full restock of the Iron Heart 301s slim jeans and our last restock of the SEXIH07 jean.
Along with those we received all the Iron Heart classics such as all the belts, wallets, and jeans.

All these items are now available at SESF, SENY, and also in our online store. Most of these items are only made in one run as Iron Heart's production is quite low and made to order. Check the online store for more information, specs, measurements, and hi-res photos.

Iron Heart Cordura Jackets (Black & Gray)

Iron Heart Hickory Stripe Shirt

Iron Heart 22oz Super Black Denim Rider's Jacket

Self Edge x Iron Heart = SEXIH07

Iron Heart 16oz Super Black Denim Shirt

Iron Heart Super Heavy Selvedge Chambray Shirts

Iron Heart 301s Slim Selvedge Jean

Iron Heart Sonny's Vest

Iron Heart Dark Rider Workwear Flannel

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Originally Posted by soundsgood View Post
looking for a pair of iron hearts that fit like my apc new standards, size 35-36ish. None of the super thick stuff -- what model suggestions?

Doesn't IH have a Triple Works line that is lighter weight denim than their normal stuff?
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Originally Posted by kiya View Post
Nope, that's not an IH line, it's unrelated now, it was sold off last year.

kiya, thanks for the clarification! They are still selling the Triple Works line on the IH UK website, so I didn't know for sure what the affiliation, if any, was.
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