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Jacket Help Needed

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Hi there. Been a long time since I've been posting, glad to be back on the forum.

Need some recommendations. I have plenty of winter coats - the thick suede jacket, wool overcoat in black and brown, etc etc. I need something for spring time now to wear to work. Something not too heavy, but is at least some cover for these months when it's in the 50s and low 60s. I have been wearing a sport coat, but that's getting old and I just don't want to wear it every day. I just want a light jacket that is not too casual. Thoughts?

Thanks all!
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How about a year-round navy blue blazer? I tried one on the other day and it was lightweight. It looked great with my jeans but it also paired perfectly with some dress pants.
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Sorry to confuse, that's what I meant. I have been wearing a blue blazer every day. Any other thoughts?
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Why not try a topcoat? Since you're fond of the heavier overcoats, you should feel right at home in a lighter weight topcoat. They tend to come in autumn/spring colors, so that you are not going to feel unseasonably dressed. For a couple of decades topcoats had virtually disappeared from stores but are now widely available.

I love mine. Not only does it give me lots of style during the business day, it allows me to adapt to the changeable weather we have at this time of year. And perhaps best of all, it proves to be very chic for after-work wear and can go any place that I go without looking either too heavy or too dressy. It looks great with jeans as well as dress trousers.

Otherwise, there are lots of what I call "hybrid" jackets that have a bit of classic simplicity in the fabric but are updated with a new cut. For instance, I found a lovely glen plaid that is cut something like a longer windbreaker and is finished handsomely inside just like a suit coat, except that it also has a very light-weight fleece lining and even a draw string around the waist. It is loose enough to be worn over sweaters but otherwise has a trim silhouette.
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