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I like numbers 1, 3 and 5*. I only like 5 if those are dots. If those are "G's," then take it out of the list.

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1, 3, and 4 for me. 5 and 6 are awful- 6 is ridiculously tacky, and I absolutely hate in your face branding like 5. It's a way of saying, "I don't have taste, so I'm showing you how much money I spent on this instead."

1 is a classic wool tie, 3 is a classic and useful pattern, and 3 (again, providing it's not that shiny in real life) is a fun stripe, though perhaps a tad wide.

However, I wouldn't try to have them narrowed. Tiecrafters gets good reviews on here, so if you were to insist on it, I would go to them, but I wouldn't trust a local alterations shop or dry cleaner- ties are tricky things to mess with.
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1 is ok. 3 is a maybe depending on the color in real life. As Vinny said, 5 is ok if dots. Those are wearable for a change of pace or to try something different, but not something I would wear or recommend for an important occasion. For $15-30, you can buy nicer ties here or on ebay.
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The J.Crew tie is pretty cool, the rest are a bit "local news".

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Welcome to Styleforum gruenburge. Get rid of the Paul Smith (4) altogether and have the Gucci (5) slimmed down but not less than 3.25 inch width as the pattern is rather chunky for a thin tie.
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