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Originally Posted by BackInTheJox View Post


You know how we look back at pictures of frosted tips and baggy shirts and square toed shoes from the 90s and cringe?  That will be happening in the not so distant future when people start to look back at all the lounge suit-esque "tuxedos" with colorful vests and colorful long ties.

What are you talking about? Tuxedos from the brown/tan family have always stood the test of time:

If that's not an American classic I don't know what is.
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When you're wearing that tux, I don't think anyone will really care if you're wearing either ivory or dark brown shoes.
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Do not wear white shoes. The suit is already teetering on ridiculous, white shoes would send it over the top.
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Its a tux in that it's got a low cut waistcoat and fabric covered buttons
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Whenever I see a thread like this by someone with a very low post count, I just assume it's a Vox sock puppet and consequently more entertaining to read.


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It is not a tuxedo, full stop. It has flap pockets, two buttons, faced lapels, it has side vents, no trouser braid, is worn with a long tie and a normal shirt. It's a tan suit with fancy covered buttons. Nothing wrong with tan for a summer wedding, but linen would be a lot better.
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I just choked on my lunch, reading the title of this thread.

Tuxedos are meant for formal wear and should almost always be black or midnight navy.

If you want to go tan or beige, I would go with a suit, which will allow you to get more wears out of it.
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Originally Posted by kgibson02 View Post

Did you click link to the picture of the tux I'm talking about In my original post. Clearly the man wearing the tux and the female with him appear to be better dressed for something other than prom.

I agree with regards to the woman, she looks good. The guy looks like her brother wearing his prom suit.
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It shares no characteristics with a tuxedo: it's a single breasted, two button suit worn with a waistcoat and long tie. It has notched lapels that have no unique facing and flap pockets. Essentially, it's a khaki suit.

It also has fabric covered buttons, low-cut waistcoat and I think the picture quality does not allow to make a statement regarding the lapel facing (the whole thing is sold / rented by the company as a tux ... so probably there is some faux satin facing). By the way, the also have a classy model in red.

However, regarding the question of the OP: If you wear this, you have to overdo the shoes too. White, silver, same tan as the suit...
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That's....just not good. As far as your question goes, try on both shades and decide what looks best.

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Originally Posted by kgibson02 View Post

Ok nevermind about why I'm wearing this particular tuxedo. I'm asking would it be ok to wear ivory shoes with it instead of brown.

You don't even have to wear shoes if you don't want.

There isn't much you can do to make this better or worse.
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OP, why not something like Teva's or Birkenstocks? Or some of the new Nike running shoes that come in neon colors?
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