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Revamping - hybrid between street and classiness

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so im revamping my style away from street wear because honestly, its just too casual for me and i don't enjoy wearing a lot of the stuff.

my best female friend came up with a good outfit which i love. basically thin courdroury dark maroon shirt, very/skinny blue jeans with dark brown 2 toned shoes. all buttons on the maroon done up apart from the very top one, and a black jacket. tbh it looks awesome and i feel like a millionaire. its great in an evening setting away from hospital.

however.. i dont know what other good colours for shirts and skinny jeans/trousers are which will match just how much i enjoy this current outfit.

any suggestions please?

i basically want to dress very smart/classy all the time now... more doctor less student.

also i'd love alternatives to shirts etc.

i do workout so my body is in good shape.. in the past as a student i've enjoyed wearing tight t-shirts n nights outs etc. but now i'm feeling like stepping up a notch but having a little twist to it. i really liked how the skinny jeans left the look a lot more casual as opposed to if i'm going into hospital (where i'd obviously wear slim fitting trousers a bit more appropriate).

pretty new to proper mens style so any hints/tips based on what i've said would be amazing.
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Why not just normal business casual? Bespoke trousers and fitted shirts with rolled-up sleeves are the ideal hybrid in my opinion- you avoid the stares (and heat/constriction) of wearing a suit, yet it allows you to show off well-tailored clothing and the body underneath. If you feel too nerdy in it or it's cold, bring a leather jacket along, or switch the trousers for jeans (but avoid normal blue jeans, if you're shirt's tucked in you don't wanna look like a dad).

Sorry but skinny jeans (especially if tapered to the ankle) are the epitome of street style, can't agree with your claim that they're classy.
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And as a doctor/med student you should know what skinnies do to your manhood. +1 to what Svenn says, shoes say a lot about your style as well.


Also, try dress to your age. Nothing worse than an old man wearing "hip" clothes or a youngster that looks like he raided an old age home for his wardrobe.

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I am 23 lol so I'm pretty young in that respect, hence why I want to hold onto the trends of skinny jeans etc.
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I'm only three years your senior. Drop the skinny jeans. But I think you and this forum will have to agree to disagree on this point. Just please don't combine the skinny jeans with anything nice. biggrin.gif

I'd start with a gray twill sport coat / odd jacket of some sort. That's pretty versatile...it'll go with jeans or slacks. Budget wise, I'd look for trousers from Banana Republic on eBay. If you can get them at around 40 dollars, they're an excellent deal (though BR does not get much love around here)

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Get some button up shirts, a nice leather jacket. A blazer, and some decent shoes/boots. I'm a year younger than you and in a very trendy faculty but I still avoid skinnies (I have 2 pairs that I wear every now and again and even those I have sized up 2).


Just because you aren't wearing skinnies doesn't mean you have to wear baggy clothes. Get some well fitting trousers.


Remember that trends change ;) Being in style however, never goes out of fashion.

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