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Bacco Bucci? Another Florsheim?

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Hello. I noticed a brand Bacco Bucci at the dept store. Not familiar w/this brand, but the hunch is that it's middle of the road Florsheim quality. http://cgi.ebay.com/Bacco-Bucci-Mens...QQcmdZViewItem This is the style at that I saw at the dept store. This ebay add says it's listed at 160 retail. I saw them on sale for 59.00 Is this a deal worth getting? Regards. HB
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They are junky shoes around the Kenneth Cole level.
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@ Bacco Bucci
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Originally Posted by Christofuh
@ Bacco Bucci

That says it all! Thanks for letting me know before I considered to purchase it. Sometimes I fall for the over 50% off deals.
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basically in a nutshell, someone will have to pay me to get a bacco bucci.
59 dollars is money well spent on something else.
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Stick around and participate in SF. Use your Search function for many great threads on shoes in general, and of course on specific brands.

After a little while on SF, I don't think you will have much interest in Bacco Bucci's!

BTW: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people have personal preferences. The specific Bacco Bucci's that you posted are absolutely Fugly!! Just ugly would be giving thm too much credit.
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Florsheim ain't great any more, but from what I've seen, they're still much better made than Barfo Bucci.
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