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Props to the styleforum

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This is so impressive. I have not been on in a few months, so imagine my surprise when I saw over 340 members. I can remember back when there were only 10. This is amazing. The topic choices are better, the responses are right on the money. Everyone keep up the good work and spread the word.
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i guess it is not all that well advertised or known, i only came to know of it a few months ago and have been pleased with the knowledge and great responses everyone has to anyone's queries, whether very niche questions or very generalized ones
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Welcome back GQ Lawyer - I agree this is a fun, respectful and extremely well-informed group. Keep up the great work everyone and keep looking good. Bradford
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I agree. Everyone is knowledgable and respectful, from a diverse set of backgrounds. j, Steve B. - if you ever want to advertise this, let me know. I can help. There is something to be said for keeping it small, however...
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Peter: Thanks for the offer. I'll let J. know and perhaps we'll get back to you. He and I have been planning to discuss this sort of thing for 3-4 months now and just haven't gotten around to it.
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Thanks everyone, I appreciate it and am glad you all enjoy it. GQ Lawyer, good to see you back- I know your input has been missed. There definitely will be an advertising initiative sometime in the near future. I actually am considering starting a foray into the fash.. style industry soon, and I will let you know (and solicit input) if/when it starts happening. I am in the initial business-plan-fleshing-out stages right now. Any input from people who can help advertise, I would like to hear: I can't be counted on for a quick response, I must admit, especially at the end of the quarter with all the projects I'm working on right now. But it will all go in the file for when I decide what will be done to get this project going a bit more officially. j.
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