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Versatile black Allen Edmonds?

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I've been thinking about buying a pair of black AE fifth aves, since I don't have a pair of decent black shoes.

Then I got to thinking how much I would wear them. I have one navy suit, which I usually wear walnut strands with. The idea was that I could get black Fifth Aves to dress the suit up more. But since FAs seem too formal to wear with nicer dark jeans, I'm not sure if they're versatile enough to justify getting. I'd probably only wear them to formal interviews or funerals.

Is there a less formal black narrow shoe (size 8B) that could dress a navy suit up more than walnut, but also work with dark jeans? Or are dark jeans and black shoes a no-no?
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I'm a fan of the Fifth Street boot for just those applications.  VERY versatile.  

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Love the boot. Sad it doesn't come narrower than D in size 8.
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you could try going a half-size down, though I'm not sure they'd be narrow enough for you. Cant hurt to try though. 

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If you want to dress up a navy suit, get the 5th Avenues in dark brown, not black. Black and navy are certainly acceptable and conservative  business wear, but I think the dark brown looks a lot better with navy, and the combination is still dressy.

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I am conflicted, on one hand, you really should have one pair of go-to black shoes, and the 5th avenue is a solid choice. On the other hand, burgundy shoes look so much better with navy. The AE merlot calfskin in particular is really quite a spectacular color in person.
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Sorry to say, but I don't think any shoe, particularly a black shoe, that will complement a navy suit well will also be compatible with jeans and vice versa.

Just my $.02.
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I'll add that I wear suits infrequently. Probably 2-3 times a year. The shoes dressing up jeans is probably more important, with their ability to work with navy suit as an important side job.
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How about the Kenilworth's or Norwich's in brown then? I'd wear either of them with jeans. Although I kind of agree with JLibourel as well that it'll be tough to find a shoe that can do both.
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Boston Monk strap

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