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I'm fed up with them and seeking assistance. I've avoided them as much as possible for most of my adult life (I'm in my middle thirties). I am 5"10', 160 lbs, with very narrow shoulders, very small chest, and 32" waist. Imagine a skinny man with little muscle mass and a small belly, that's me.


I avoid undershirts because they always feel uncomfortable when tucked in along with my shirt. My main issues seem to be:

  • Undershirt not long enough (I want them to tuck in deeper).
  • Undershirt too loose in sleeve area or chest area (folds become visible).
  • Material too thick (This bugs me at the waist as it untucks over time and starts bunching up).
  • Cheaply made (e.g. the neck area stretches out)


What affordable undershirts or features should I be looking at? I've tried a lot of brands over the years but none have been right yet. For comparison; the latest shirt I've tried are those pima shirts with 4% spandex at Banana Republic in size medium. They are loose fitting, and not long enough, but they are nice otherwise. Many shirts have the fit I need in a size small but then the length is a huge issue.


Thank you for your suggestions or tips.

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You need to find slim fit 'Mediums' in tall sizes.  Banana Republic sells Medium-Talls.  They'll be plenty long enough for you to tuck in.



Failing that - look to buy 'compression shirts'.  They'll fit snug and are unlikely to come untucked.

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