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If you don't go see Iggy while you can, you'll regret it when you can't.
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Joy Division
Sex Pistols
The Clash
Pink Floyd with Waters
Beach Boys with Brian Wilson
Derek and the Dominoes with Duane Allman
The Ink Spots
The Replacements
Husker Du
Kraftwerk with Karl Bartos
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Originally Posted by LabelKing
I've read that the last living castrato wasn't a very good castrato in terms of voice. The best ones had, even at that time, already passed on.

I would have liked to seen Oscar Wilde's American lectures.

One of the last castrato was in fact recorded, and he was a very mediocre singer.
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I saw a recent special on TV for Jerry Lee Lewis. It certainly lacked everything that the Star Club performance was about.
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led zeppelin in their prime Prince in a small nightclub (there was a secret Prince aftershow that was supposed to happen in a little club in Dallas about 5 years ago - I got the word and waited outside the club in the freezing cold with 100 other people for 2 hours. at 3 am we finally got the word that he had laryngitis and it was off. That was an all time let-down.) Hendrix Coltrane Monk Caruso I can't believe I never drove up to Bakersflield to see Buck Owens - my friends and I were talking about it for the last 3 or 4 years, then he up a dies on us. Last year at Coachella I got into a long debate with some friends about which band would be the ultimate Coachella headliner. The Clash was an obvious choice, and probably all of our first choice to see, but we limited it to bands where everyone was alive it was actually possible. We decided that The Smiths had to be it. Nothing would be better, and nothing would draw a bigger crowd.
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Klaus Nomi. Sylvester
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Limiting this to opportunities that I actually had Midnight Oil AC/DC led by Bon Scott Easybeats In San Diego, I unaccountably decided not to invest $35 to see the Cure, backed by Interpol, backed by The Killers. But my biggest regret was a week in the early '80s where Melbourne played host to four up and coming bands. There were two gigs to choose from: Talking Heads backed by U2, and Simple Minds backed by The Pretenders. How could I not have gone????? (BTW, there would have been some chemistry at the latter gig - it was where Jim Kerr and Chrissie Hynde got together).
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Jussi Björling
Jeff Buckley
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
The Rat Pack
Miles Davis
Bob Marley & The Wailers
Jacob Miller
Various Classic Composers.
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J. S. Bach (improvising on a pipe organ as he would test its "lungs")
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Freddie Mercury-Listen to Play the Game where he battles the guitarist for high notes, Mercury's command of voice was off the charts.
Ella Fitzgerald in her youth and middle age
Billie Holliday
Sly and the Family Stone,(even now, since Sly has returned to us from hermitdom) his sisters Rose and Vaetta have some pipes!
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Robert Johnson
The Funk Brothers
Staple Singers
Al Green pre-disco era
Chic-disco era
Funkadelic in 70's
Bernie Worrell
Roger Troutman one more time
Phyllis Hyman
Donnie Hathaway
Julie London-"Goody,Goody"
saw the OHIO Players at the '04 CBC afterparty. Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner can still interpret like few others and the voice can still "OWW"!
Mahalia Jackson
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Performers I wish I'd seen, not strictly bands:

Jimmy Scott
Locations:The Apollo or Swing Street in their heyday
Kerouac or Bukowski at a poetry reading
More Martha Graham!
The Dadaists at Cabaret Voltaire
More Stevie Ray Vaughn!
I still want to work on a Christo project!
Juan Belmonte
Rat Pack
a few notable women from Russ Meyer films
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Originally Posted by Baron
led zeppelin in their prime

Exactly how I would put it; my first answer to this question hasn't changed since I was 12...

And Doc, ultimately you're right re: Iggy. His stage presence at 60 will still blow away kids a third of his age...
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Duane Allman/Berry Oakley & The Allman Bros. The Beatles The Who Miles Davis Dusty Springfield Actually saw Zeppelin in their prime...the Physical Graffiti tour. Simply amazing.
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In '89 I spent a few months in San Diego. Some band I had heard of called Nirvana was playing in Tijuana. I couldn't find anyone to go with and chickened out because the people I was staying with said Tijuana was no place for a young Canadian boy to be hanging out alone.
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the libertines the clash joy division biggie the dead boys... my dad used to tell me stories of thier singer hanging himself on stage with his mic cord
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